The South China Sea handles roughly USD3.37 trillion in global trade annually, crucial for multinational corporations; however, territorial disputes threaten trade routes and livelihoods dependent on its resources.

Through ancient history, South East Asian nations were connected by extensive maritime trade networks. Trade routes such as the Maritime Silk Road facilitated the exchange of goods, ideas, and technologies among the numerous kingdoms and empires in the region.

Geopolitical tensions in the region disrupt maritime activities, impacting fishing communities and millions employed in related industries; effective risk mitigation strategies are imperative for corporations investing and operating in the area.

Businesses operating in the South China Sea must diversify supply chains, invest in alternative transportation routes, and engage in corporate diplomatic initiatives to safeguard their interests amidst ongoing geopolitical uncertainties.

In this episode of ‘A Working Lunch with Nordin’, speakers Nordin Abdullah (MGBF Founding Chairman) and Eddin Khoo (analyst and regional commentator) will discuss and address the following critical questions:

  1. Do businesses beyond shipping and logistics release the importance of the South China Sea to their business operations?
  2. Business and politics in ASEAN are closely related, how is this dynamic when we talk about the South China Sea?
  3. How will corporations with regional and global supply chains manage this threat?
  4. Who are the biggest threats in the South China Sea?
  5. What are the opportunities for business as we look to manage change in the South China Sea?

Details of the event are as follows:

Date: 24 April 2024

Time: 11:30 am – 01:30 pm

Venue: Ruyi, Bangsar Shopping Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


11:45 am Arrival of Guests and Registration
12:00 pm Speakers Introduced by:

Ruzanna Muhammad, Editor-at-Large, News Hub Asia

12:05 pm Fireside Chat: “The South China Sea: Central to ASEAN’s Business Future?”


  • Nordin Abdullah, Founding Chairman, Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF)
  • Eddin Khoo, Analyst and Regional Commentator
12:30 pm Lunch and Networking
01:30 pm Event Ends

Participation Fee and Registration

This will be an in-person event. The participation fee is RM138 per person. For members of the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) and other partner chambers, a special price of RM88 is available for this event.

To confirm your seat, please fill in the form on this link (, and email your proof of payment when you submit it. Alternatively, payment at the door is also accepted.

For further updates, please follow this event page on the MGBF LinkedIn page.

We look forward to meeting you over lunch!


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