Honoured to have Y.M. Tunku Dato’ Mohamed Alauddin Tunku Naquiyuddin, a distinguished Guest of Honor, join the Heartana Culture Hub opening ceremony along with 12 other esteemed VIPs.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – 27th January 2024: Heartana Culture Hub Sdn Bhd today marks a new chapter in Kuala Lumpur’s wellness scene with the launch of its flagship outlet. More than just a tea house, Heartana Culture Hub offers a unique immersion into holistic well-being, weaving together ancient practices, modern therapies, and transformative experiences. “Heartana Culture Hub isn’t about fleeting trends,” stated Jessica Tan, Heartana Group CEO and co-founder of Heartana Culture Hub. “As humanity strides forward, we risk severing our very roots. This Culture Hub emerges as a sanctuary, a balm to reawaken a dormant equilibrium with nature, reignite our stagnant energy, and rekindle the connections that bind us. Guided by the wisdom of the I-Ching, the ancient Book of Changes, we seek not just harmonious spaces (as in feng shui), but harmonious beings.

The Founder of Heartana Culture Hub, Jeremy Khor, & The Group CEO of Heartana, Jessica Tan delivered an inspiring speech on stage.

Beyond its familiar application in architecture and interiors, the I-Ching offers a profound roadmap for inner balance. This philosophy underpins our curation of ancient practices. From the precision of knife therapy to the ritualistic grace of tea brewing, from the aromatic depths of Oudh to the soulful resonance of music and the evocative power of totem art, each element engages our five senses, a multi-sensory tapestry woven to awaken the equilibrium within.” We’re about unlocking the transformative power of ancient wisdom and practices to create a sanctuary for deep healing and personal growth”, she added. The outlet boasts a serene ambience in the heart of Kuala Lumpur where guests can delve into the exquisite aroma and therapeutic benefits of Oudh or Agar oil, a prized commodity revered for centuries by many religions for its grounding and restorative properties. “Agarwood isn’t just a scent,” explains Jeremy Khor, Founder of Heartana Culture Hub, Jessica’s co-founder and partner. “It’s a journey for the senses, a pathway to inner peace and harmony.” Beyond fragrant teas, Heartana Culture Hub offers a curated menu of unique wellness experiences. For those seeking physical rejuvenation, Joseph Tan (Heartana Wellness Master, a renowned knife therapy master, shares his expertise. “Knife therapy isn’t about pain,” Joey clarifies. “It’s about releasing blockages, restoring energy flow, and rediscovering the body’s innate healing potential.”

Explore the essence of our offerings – Agarwood Oil, Knife Therapy, and Chinese Tea. Immerse yourself in a sensory journey that combines luxury, wellness, and cultural richness.

Heartana Culture Hub’s flagship outlet marks the beginning of a transformative movement in Kuala Lumpur’s wellness landscape. It’s an invitation to transcend the realm of mere consumption and embark on a journey of conscious living, fuelled by the wisdom of the past and the possibilities of the future.


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