Ensuring that decision-makers are empowered and that the company is positioned correctly through communication with individuals and groups who can affect the organisation’s performance is the objective of stakeholder management. The key in any marketplace is to understand the local stakeholder reality. The unique diversity and fluidity of Malaysia make it challenging for even homegrown companies.

International businesses operating or looking to expand into Malaysia have additional layers of complexity and often urgent time frames dictated by project realities or the dates of a business trip. The question is how do you want Malaysia Global Business Forum (MGBF) to assist you with the possibilities of improving your situation?

The team at MGBF can assist your team with stakeholder management no matter where they are in the business cycle. Related services include:

  • Stakeholder strategy development
  • Stakeholder mapping and identification (public and private sectors)
  • Issues analysis
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Stakeholder communications
  • Issues management
  • Project implementation

Malaysian businesses operating in international markets often face resistance and do not have the same comfort levels due to reduced stakeholder engagement in a different market. As a decision-maker, how do you want MGBF to help your business with some of these challenges?

The solution is to have access to the expertise and capacity without having to employ human capital on a full-time basis. Implementing stakeholder strategies are more difficult than what meets the eye. CEOs and shareholders want to avoid failure.

MGBF’s positive and value-based relationship approach with stakeholders cultivated through appropriate management of expectations is a formula for success. We take pride in our experience with stakeholder communication and offer an end-to-end service for the best stakeholder engagement. Our team will assist you to connect the dots and bridge existing gaps to ensure results. As a business leader, how do you want MGBF to empower your business?

If you’re thinking about some of these questions, speak with us now.


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