Nordin Abdullah

IMG-20150911-WA0000Aged 41, Nordin is an Australian businessman living in Asia, currently Managing Director of Glenreagh Sdn Bhd. He is well known for his creative approach to strategy and sustainable development which has been applied across various sectors.

An active member of the business community […]

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Aquaculture Projects – Northern Corridor (NCER)


Aquaculture Projects – Northern Corridor (NCER)

Objectives of the first phase of the Northern Corridor (NCER) or Koridor Utara’s was development that would accelerate economic growth by developing key thrust areas, addressing socio-economic imbalances, raising the capacity for […]

Aquaculture Projects – Northern Corridor (NCER)2016-01-05T11:19:30+08:00

Allied Export Partner Strategy

The statistics are clear, small and medium sized enterprises or SME’s make a huge percentage of the economy and account for large amounts of employment and more importunately employment growth in most developed countries, Malaysia is no different.

The government knows it needs to develop this group should it […]

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Business Lunch

“Business Networking Lunch”

“Food Technology & Food Security in Asia-Pacific”
26th September, 2016

Al-Amar Restaurant – Sunway Putra Mall


Mature businessman working and discussing with his colleagues at office

During the World Food Summit which was held in 1996 […]

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Strategic SME’s in the Halal Supply Chain: Post COVID19 Planning

The COVID19 Outbreak has exposed the populations of most countries to a dangerous virus. At the same time, perhaps more importantly, it has exposed weaknesses in supply chains of various nations across the globe.

The Malaysian government should be commended […]

Strategic SME’s in the Halal Supply Chain: Post COVID19 Planning2020-04-13T11:12:59+08:00

MGBF Industry Reports on BERNAMA TV

Business Matching Services Malaysia

The Malaysia Global Business Forum will produce its own television programs “MGBF Industry Reports” will explore different industries sectors in Malaysia and how they intersect with the global economy. To assist companies in their expansion the […]

MGBF Industry Reports on BERNAMA TV2016-03-05T18:31:29+08:00
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