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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia – In a ceremony coinciding with the 50th anniversary of China-Malaysia diplomatic relations on the 18th of June, China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) Eighth Engineering Division hosted a launch event for a regional labour competition encompassing nine key construction projects in Malaysia. The event, organised by CSCEC’s South China Company, reflects its commitment to high-quality development in the Malaysian market and celebrates its longstanding partnership with the country. With 2024 marking a significant year for China and Malaysia, CSCEC Eighth Engineering Division emphasised a problem-oriented, results-oriented, and value-oriented approach for participating projects. This initiative aims to contribute to the excellence of the company’s overseas endeavours in Malaysia and solidify its dedication to delivering exceptional construction projects. Leaders presented competition responsibility agreements to participating projects, further solidifying their commitment, and distributed summer cooling gifts to acknowledge the hard work of 100 workers. The ceremony also featured inspiring speeches by two model workers and a heartfelt performance of the song “Overseas Sky” by project builders. CSCEC Eighth Engineering Division has established a strong presence in Malaysia since entering the market in 2012. Their diverse portfolio encompasses various fields, including super high-rise buildings, high-end residential projects, and infrastructure development.

China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC) Eight Bureau provided refreshing summer gifts to the project workers.

The company boasts a series of landmark achievements, including the Kuala Lumpur Landmark Tower (the tallest building constructed by a Chinese enterprise overseas), the ASTAKA project in Johor Bahru, the Kota Kinabalu Twin Towers (Sabah’s tallest building), and the Genting Skyworld Apartments (Malaysia’s highest altitude building). Currently, 18 projects are underway, showcasing their dedication to the Malaysian market.  CSCEC Eighth Engineering Division’s commitment to quality and safety is evident through its impressive record, which includes one Luban Award, one China National Quality Engineering Award, 42 Malaysian Occupational Health and Safety Awards, and five International Safety Management Awards. For further information on CSCEC Eight Engineering Division, please contact Zhao Hupo at or call +6014 7188 110 or surf to


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