To Book or Not to Book?


While many of us might think booking a flight early is the best bet to lower costs, sometimes the opposite can be true.  To help make it easier, KAYAK analyzed flight searches from the US […]

To Book or Not to Book?2016-01-20T17:02:31+08:00

Malaysia: An arbitration-friendly destination

An introduction to the Kuala Lumpur Regional Centre for Arbitration and the current legal framework

Today, arbitration is the most popular dispute settlement tool that promotes trade and investment.  As such, States have adopted a series of international treaties and have enacted legislation with the view to facilitating and enhancing the […]

Malaysia: An arbitration-friendly destination2015-07-01T13:03:56+08:00

South Australia’s SEA Engagement Strategy

South Australian Food Delegation

imageMinister for Investment and Trade Martin Hamilton-Smith met with executive committee members of the Malaysia Australia Business Council (MABC) in Kuala Lumpur today as part of his week-long visit to […]

South Australia’s SEA Engagement Strategy2017-03-15T17:49:48+08:00

Recent Studies Suggest Malaysia is Starting to Decrease Average Sugar Intake.



Recent studies conducted throughout Malaysia have indicated that the country is heading towards decreasing their average sugar intake within recent years.

With the increase of obesity globally and the direct link this has towards the sugar industry, studies have highlighted the […]

Recent Studies Suggest Malaysia is Starting to Decrease Average Sugar Intake.2019-11-07T11:28:48+08:00
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