LAS VEGAS, USA – Media OutReach Newswire – 3 January 2024 – Emphasizing the core concept of “More than Display, and Far Beyond,” CarUX, a subsidiary of Innolux, will showcase the world’s first Privacy technology and InvisiView hidden displays, among other latest breakthrough automotive display products and technologies, in Las Vegas, U.S., from January 9 to 12. CarUX aims to establish a new benchmark for automotive interior products to embrace the trends and developments of security, practicality, and recreation of smart cockpits.

CarUX to Showcase Cutting-Edge Automotive Innovations at Las Vegas
CarUX developed the Pixiu 3 premium by utilizing Innolux’s exclusive Micro LED technology

As Jim Hung, Innolux Chairman and CEO, stated, “Vehicles have transformed from a simple transportation tool to a living space for users during their journey. Prioritizing users’ experience became a critical factor. Taking the large information display (LID) core design concept as the starting point, CarUX emphasizes user experience and exerts the design concept of customizing in-car areas, delivering a comprehensive series of displays from 15-inch to 55-inch. Through cabin digitalization, CarUX aims to provide greater entertainment and information services, further developing and adding value and innovation to automotive display performance.”

Regarding the appearance of CarUX’s automotive displays, they are designed with unique curved shapes that can be seamlessly adopted into all types of vehicle models. Each product offers features such as an ultra-low reflection rate, high brightness, high contrast ratio, wide color gamut, and lightning-fast response time. Additionally, by leveraging AM Mini-LED and automotive-level Micro-LED technologies, CarUX provides a remarkable visual experience, further upgrading the automotive display field.

The World’s First 55-Inch Display with Privacy Technology: Improving Safety and Entertainment Performance

CarUX has released the “55-inch Local Dimming Automotive Display,” the world’s first display equipped with Active Privacy View technology. It prevents hazards caused by distracted drivers while providing advanced audiovisual entertainment to front seat passengers. The display features an 8K ultra-high resolution screen with an active screen cooling system, improving the audiovisual entertainment quality for long distance driving.

Evolution of Automotive Aesthetics: InvisiView, Delivering the World’s First Wood Grain Hidden Display and Translucent Leather Display

CarUX is dedicated to improving design aesthetics. The company’s latest product concept “InvisiView,” showcases the integration of a display and automotive interior decoration since it only presents images and information when interacting with users. It aims to achieve a hidden display effect and eliminate the coldness of a pure black screen, thereby enhancing in-car aesthetic design and user experience quality.

To achieve this concept, CarUX teamed up with suppliers to develop four solutions in two categories. The first category involves integrating different textures to the surface of the display, including real tree bark, wood grain, and leather. This is to overcome the differences of textures while presenting the outstanding visual performance of displays. The second category utilizes the structure and coating of displays to simulate the properties of textures, creating a perfectly comprehensive visual experience.

CarUX has released the world’s first “12.3-inch Woodoo Hidden Display.” Real veneers can be integrated into automotive interiors, allowing the display to be concealed behind the veneers. Additionally, people can enjoy the wood grain decoration when the screen is not in use, thus elevating the diversity, visual comfort, aesthetics, and expressiveness of cockpit interior designs. CarUX has also released the world’s first “10.3-inch Transparent Lather Display.” Integrating translucent leather and atmosphere light sources, the display can still function normally and have touch functions through the leather. This development aims to bring people into a new design area of automotive hidden panels. As for the “13-inch Tanuki,” it utilizes Inno-gallery technology and offers outstanding features, including the ability to present the texture of special materials and ultra-low specular reflectance. It aims to prevent dizziness caused by external environmental light and present perfect details of textures to deliver their color and sheen, thereby improving the in-car visual experience and comfort.

Software Integration and Human-Machine Interface Automotive Display, Providing Next-Gen Security Solutions

CarUX’s “ID Touch” can identify the user who is currently touching the screen via an independent electrode hidden in the driver and passenger seats when both the driver and passenger are operating the display at the same time in the cockpit. This is to further restrict drivers from operating audiovisual entertainment functions while driving, providing higher spec safety resolution solutions.

CarUX has debuted its “Moveable Display,” with a screen that can be rotated 90 degrees and can be smoothly adjusted either horizontally or vertically within 3 seconds. It aims to fulfill in-car users’ needs to adjust the screen to different angles, elevating the dynamic customization of in-car spaces.

Embracing the development trends of smart cockpits and vehicle-to-everything (V2X), CarUX has pioneered the “12.3-inch Reflective PHUD” with smart cockpit concepts. The main vehicle information, including speed, time, entertainment, and navigation, as well as images are projected on the dashboard or front windshield, so drivers do not have to look down, they can just look straight as usual when they are driving. This aims to provide a more comfortable experience for drivers and passengers, thus improving driving safety at the same time.

By utilizing Innolux’s unique Micro LED COB (Chip on Board), an exclusive Micro LED technology of Innolux, CarUX developed the Pixiu 3 premium. The display features advantages such as high brightness, high contrast ratio, rapid response, and high color saturation, which increase automotive display visibility under the sunlight, driver safety, and deliver reduced power consumption. Moreover, it aims to meet the requirements of power consumption features and advanced automotive markets.

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