HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 30 January 2024 – Chinese New Year is a cherished time for families to come together, but many food items are difficult to chew, which often discourage elderly from enjoying festive meals with their loved ones and may inevitably impact their mood.

Chinachem Group and Golden Age Foundation Present New Elderly-Friendly
Dr Lam Ching Choi, Executive Council member; Sylvia Chung, Chief Business Impact Officer of Chinachem Group; Rebecca Choy Yung, Founder & Chair, Golden Age Foundation; and two Western cuisine chefs celebrate the launch of the Golden Gourmet menus.

To address this issue, Chinachem Group is collaborating with the Golden Age Foundation (GAF) to invite a multidisciplinary team, including a nutritionist, a speech therapist and a registered nurse, to provide training for the Western cuisine chefs of Nina Hospitality in theories and techniques to create elderly-friendly meals. Using high-quality, original food ingredients, they have developed a brand new series of “Golden Gourmet” dishes that are free from additives, visually appealing, and deliciously healthy. Unlike typical soft meals, these Golden Gourmet dishes allow elderly to savour real and wholesome food, rediscover the joy of dining, enjoy meals together with their families, and promote inclusivity.

Furthermore, the chef team is dedicated to sharing their culinary expertise in serving elderly. Since January of this year, they have been teaching dozens of volunteers how to prepare meals that are suitable for senior diners. These volunteers have subsequently utilised their acquired knowledge to serve seniors in elderly care homes. Chinachem Group will continue its collaboration with the Golden Age Foundation in another phase of this partnership, expanding its efforts to serve an even larger number of elderly residents and promote sustainable positivity within the community.

“Chinachem Group is committed to promoting inclusiveness and caring for the elderly, and we lead by example,” explains Sylvia Chung, Chief Business Impact Officer of Chinachem Group. “By collaborating with the Golden Age Foundation, we are sharing culinary expertise with volunteers through the Western cuisine chef team of our subsidiary Nina Hospitality, and providing them with opportunities to serve in elderly care homes, extending our impact on the community. Our group’s restaurants will also offer authentic and nutritious elderly-friendly Golden Gourmet menus. This will enable more seniors to enjoy a high-quality lifestyle and create positive social value, aligning with the Group’s commitment to balance ‘People, Prosperity, and Planet’.”

Rebecca Choy Yung, Founder and Chair of the Golden Age Foundation, added that “the ageing society is generating a new market in different ways, which is creating a substantial ‘golden age economic system’. The catering industry introduced children’s meals decades ago,” she noted. “As the proportion of seniors has been steadily increasing, it is time to develop elderly meals, namely the ‘Golden Gourmet’ menus that Golden Age Foundation advocated at the Golden Age Expo and Summit in August 2023. We believe that cross-sector co-operation is crucial to the sustainability of this innovative project. We are glad to work with Chinachem Group and combine the power from different professionals including nutritionists, speech therapists, registered nurses, registered social workers and chefs, to jointly design a new series of delicious dishes.”

The Lunar New Year Golden Gourmet dishes include Watermelon and Feta Cheese Salad with Watermelon Gel, Sole Fish with Egg White and Spinach Sauce, Spinach and Chicken Pumpkin Roll Stuffed with Sole Fish Mousse, Rare Sugar Crème Brûlée and Rare Sugar Soft Honey Cake with Custard. These dishes will be available from the first to the fifth days of the Lunar New Year at I-O-N in Nina Hotel Kowloon East and Nina Hotel Island South, as well as at Café Circles in Nina Hotel Tsuen Wan West. The regular Golden Gourmet menus will be served in the above-mentioned hotel restaurants from the sixth day of the Lunar New Year onwards, and orders must be placed two days in advance.
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