BANGKOK, THAILAND – Media OutReach Newswire – 3 March 2024 – On the 2nd of March, global cryptocurrency exchange CoinEx released its first promo video on YouTube counting down to the highly anticipated Bitcoin halving in 2024. Titled “Coin In CoinEx”, the 2-minute ad encapsulates an industry milestone through the lens of CoinEx’s philosophy. Following up on their previous teaser video outdoor advertisement, you can find the full version of this mysterious promo video. For more updates, join CoinEx Thailand’s community to receive exclusive promotional information.

Storyline Transmits CoinEx’s Brand Mission Through The Lens of Bitcoin Halving

The 2-minute promo video depicts the transformative journey of a coin as it starts as an ordinary coin experiencing the ups and downs of real life. It enters the Web3 universe of CoinEx and transforms into a Bitcoin, embarking on a series of adventures in this new dimension tailored for coins.

Rather than a marketing stunt, the video showcases CoinEx’s tribute to a milestone that will help shape the future crypto landscape. It seems that the exchange aims to play a pivotal role in driving mainstream crypto adoption by making crypto trading simple and accessible to all – less entry barriers, more participation for all levels of users.

Scenes Highlighting Convenience, Professionalism, and Simplicity

In CoinEx CEO Haipo Yang’s tweets, the ethos behind Bitcoin’s halving aligns with CoinEx’s long-standing brand values – lowering crypto entry barriers, driving mainstream adoption, and simplifying the trading experience for users of all levels. Scenes throughout the video highlight CoinEx’s commitment to the “Less is More” philosophy in product refinement, listings, service, and security infrastructure as Haipo Yang has mentioned in his tweets. It seems that CoinEx has shown its determination and dedication to upholding the “professionalism” value within the CoinEx ecosystem.

Users can see how CoinEx’s advocacy for “Less is More” in its products, services, and brand philosophy resonates with the ethos behind Bitcoin halving. Although the halving entails reduced mining rewards in the short term, its design extends a long-term value for Bitcoin. Similarly, by streamlining complexity, CoinEx creates a seamless, professional, and secure trading experience that opens up crypto to users at all levels. As anticipation builds for Bitcoin halving, CoinEx spurs excitement around this momentous crypto event through an unconventional approach.
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CoinEx Releases 1st Brand Video: Interpreting the Bitcoin Halving and


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