SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 18 December 2023 – DART and OffSec (formerly Offensive Security) have officially revealed today its joint strategic partnership to enhance and elevate cybersecurity talents. DART, who excels in cyber capacity building and customized training programs, is now a certified training partner of OffSec, and is offering OffSec’s certificates to organizations as part of DART’s training programs.

DART greatly contributes to the bolstering of cyber resilience in nations, governments, and organizations. By leveraging a pool of over 60 field-proven expert trainers, DART adopts a visionary approach to cybersecurity training that seamlessly aligns with OffSec’s commitment to empowering individuals with practical cybersecurity skills. Together, these two organizations aim to revolutionize the skill sets and expertise of cybersecurity professionals, equipping them to effectively combat and defend against sophisticated cyber threats.

Central to DART’s mission is its unwavering commitment to enhancing cybersecurity capacity for organizations, having successfully trained over 1500 cyber professionals through customized training courses. Leveraging the collective expertise of its experienced trainers from elite cyber intelligence units, DART provides combat-proven courses that bridge skill gaps, enhance expertise, and elevate the overall proficiency of cyber professionals.

DART will kick off the partnership as a certified training partner by adding the option to achieve OffSec’s OSCP certificate alongside the tailored instructor-led bootcamp, aimed to maximise learning credentials for a target group of penetration testers, red teamers, as well as other cybersecurity professionals. With this, DART’s training programs focus on providing participants with real-world cyber training experience and comprehensive essential cybersecurity knowledge while obtaining an important industry-recognized credential.

The training programs can be completely tailored by DART to meet the specific cyber training requirements and needs of client organizations. Through the customized bootcamp program, the extensive real-life training delivered by DART helps equip participants with the best cybersecurity guidelines and provide them with the right foundation to become qualified OSCP holders with ease.

Matan Trogan, Head of Sales and Partnerships at DART, emphasized the partnership’s significance, stating, “Embedding OffSec certificates into our training is strong evidence for DART’s unique capability to effectively train cyber professionals with real-life scenarios, while preparing and equipping them with industry-leading standard certificates such as OSCP. By combining DART’s domain expertise with OffSec’s renowned training modules, we are empowering professionals to proactively defend against cyber threats. Together, we are not just imparting knowledge; we are cultivating a culture of resilience.”

Dr. David Zhao, APAC Sales Leader at OffSec, shared the enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with DART to provide high-quality live technical courses to learners in APAC. We are confident that DART’s deep level of technical education expertise, highly qualified trainers and regional network across Singapore and the wider APAC region makes it a well-placed partner to offer OffSec training courses.”

Amidst the escalating complexity and frequency of cybersecurity threats and attacks, the synergy between DART and OffSec stands as a compelling testament to the power of joining forces to fortify digital defences and to accelerate cyber workforce resilience. The partnership will offer the best hands-on, extensive cybersecurity training courses led by qualified trainers to industry-wide trainees, and deliver a combat-proven approach to elevate cybersecurity competency in the face of an ever-changing cyber threat landscape.

If you are looking to build your organization’s cyber capacity or to prepare your team for OSCP certificates, visit DART’s website at For inquiries and partnership opportunities, please email

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About DART

DART is a leading cybersecurity training and capacity-building provider dedicated to empowering nations, organizations, and individuals to defend against evolving digital threats. As a trusted partner in the realm of cybersecurity, our focus centres on elevating cyber preparedness through comprehensive training, rigorous assessments, and the cultivation of practical skills. DART is distinguished by its field-proven expertise in combatting nation-level cyber threats. Our esteemed team, led by former Chiefs of Cybersecurity Training from the Intelligence Corps, brings unparalleled operational insight into training and capacity-building. Our core objective extends beyond imparting knowledge, as our mission is about enhancing cyber capacity and capabilities. We empower a diverse spectrum of organizations and individuals, nurture local trainers, and ensure enduring cybersecurity readiness for the long haul. For more information, visit and email us at .

About Red Alpha Cybersecurity

Red Alpha Cybersecurity is DART’s success story as a cybersecurity talent development company, with a mission to develop high-aptitude, high-quality, and highly skilled next-generation cybersecurity talents, to bridge the global cybersecurity talent gap. Through the Select-Train-Place model, Red Alpha discovers individuals from diverse, non-traditional backgrounds with untapped cybersecurity potential, and selects them through a series of vigorous screening tests that focuses on aptitude, attitude, and problem-solving skills. Following a rigorous 6-month bootcamp training by experienced instructors, graduates of Red Alpha’s programs successfully obtain industry-standard certification, including the OSCP Certification (PEN-200). This certification showcases their practical penetration testing skills, equipping them with industry-recognized credibility and proficiency. Graduates are then placed in partner organizations for a period of 3 years, thus establishing a sustainable talent pipeline for hiring partners.
Red Alpha’s two bespoke traineeship programmes, namely the flagship Alpha Specialist Training Programme (ASTP) and Enterprise Specialist Training Programme (ESTP), successfully produced highly-skilled cyber professionals in contribution to Singapore’s national cybersecurity capacity-building effort. For more information, visit and follow us on .

About OffSec

OffSec is the leading provider of continuous professional and workforce development, training, and education for cybersecurity practitioners. OffSec’s distinct pedagogy and practical, hands-on learning helps organizations fill the infosec talent gap by training their teams on today’s most critical skills. With the OffSec Learning Library featuring 6,000 hours of content, 1,500 videos, 2,500 exercises, and 900 hands-on labs, OffSec demonstrates its commitment to empowering individuals and organizations to fight cyber threats with indispensable cybersecurity skills and resources. OffSec also funds and maintains Kali Linux, the leading operating system for penetration testing, ethical hacking, and network security assessments. For more information, visit and follow us on and .


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