HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach25 May 2022 – Dreams manifest themselves in endless ways: they are the fabrications of wandering minds, spontaneous activities that unfold behind closed eyes; they are also our aspirations, the subject of our imagination, vision. Design Spectrum, the first public-facing platform of Hong Kong Design Centre, sponsored by Create Hong Kong of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region will culminate in a finale exhibition after more than two years of fruitful journey as an exhibition and design activities space. Titled ‘Dream Big Think Small’, the showcase celebrating HKDC’s 20th Anniversary is slated to open from now on to 17 July 2022 at 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai under the curatorial direction of local designer Michael Leung to throw a spotlight on the manifold dimensions of ‘Dream’ from the perspective of 21st Century design.

Design Spectrum of Hong Kong Design Centre Presents Finale Exhibition: Dream Big Think Small  Bridging Virtual and Real Visions from Designers
Conceived by the curator Michael Leung, the exhibition is divided into four sections, namely ‘Dream Asleep Dream Awake’, ‘Dream Further Dream Closer’, ‘Dream Bigger Dream Smaller’, and ‘Dream Hard Do Harder’, exploring the link between ‘dream’ and ‘design’ from an unusual perspective.

At the crossroads of imagination and design where creativity comes to awe-inspiring fruition, is a ‘dream’ attainable? Can we go on to pursue every little dream? In this exhibition, public are going to explore myriad creative ideas, with a view to bridging the gap between dream and reality as the world sets out to create a better tomorrow for the next generation.

Commission Work ‘Garden in the Weird Dream’ by four local design units. From left, Cynthia Mak, Screw Up Studio and STICKYLINE.
Commission Work ‘Garden in the Weird Dream’ by four local design units. From left, Cynthia Mak, Screw Up Studio and STICKYLINE.

Four Future Dimensions Expressed in 20+ Works of ‘Dream-related Design’

Today, the realm of design has expanded beyond the physical world to cover the intangible. The idea of dreaming the impossible dream has been given unprecedented depth through Speculative Design, where designers gauge the possibility of the imaginary, giving it substance, and making it part of a society.

Conceived by the curator Michael Leung, the exhibition is divided into four sections, namely ‘Dream Asleep Dream Awake’, ‘Dream Further Dream Closer’, ‘Dream Bigger Dream Smaller’, and ‘Dream Hard Do Harder’, exploring the link between the elusive, multi-faceted world of ‘dream’ and the tangible, practical universe of ‘design’ from an unusual perspective to capture the ripple effect emanated from their collision. Over 20 design projects are featured in the exhibition, envisioned by creative forces from different regions like Hong Kong, UK, Sweden and Denmark, etc., to offer solutions to personal and social issues. They form a narrative of creative thinking that transcends time and space to reach for dreams through design.

Section 1: Dream Asleep Dream Awake

We dream in and out of sleep. Whether it is about brainstem activities at night or visions and aspirations we have for humanity, a dream is the fruit of our creative energy. It is an experience that transcends temporal and spatial boundaries, through which we gain rare insight. In this section, the notion of ‘dream’ is presented as palpable entities in the real world, such as the adventure of Thomas Thwaites from UK, who took one day leave from being human to experience the carefree life of a goat. Visitors can also explore the interplay and gradual convergence of the reality and the digital world through speculative designs that approach the future from personal to social dimensions.

Section 2: Dream Further Dream Closer

Is ‘dream’ a byword for escapism? In this section, some seemingly luxury ‘daydreams’ prove to be attainable in our battle against the pressing and massive human issues like agricultural problems, food shortage, pollution, and others. One noticeable example of making a difference in everyday life is Farm 66’s vertical farming system, with its eye-pleasing space age design combining organic plants and man-made ultraviolet lighting system with mirrors.

Section 3: Dream Bigger Dream Smaller

Dreams know no age bounds – from personal enjoyment to common human good, every dream is worth the design effort to make it come true. In ‘Our Abstract Playscape’, Fan Lok Yi rethinks the community playground. Haw Par Music, a local revitalisation project combining cultural heritage and musical performance, seeks to engage all members of the society in a dreamlike experience of inclusivity in terms of age and expressive form. It sends the message that afterall, anyone can dream anytime.

Section 4: Dream Hard Do Harder

Dreams are not necessarily elusive if we reach out and act on them. Capable designers are those who dare to turn dreams into actions informed by curiosity and a strong vision. This section features tools preferred by home-grown creative forces, such as Kevin Cheung, STICKYLINE, and LeeeeeeToy, in their endeavours to fulfil their wildest dreams. There is also a reading corner with a selection of design reference books, providing readers with food for thought on the trending social-oriented approach Speculative Design that strives to explore creative possibilities in the real world.

DIY Workshops to Capture the Dream-making Experience

The exhibition engages visitors in an interactive experience by sharing the harvests of Farm66’s vertical farming system in Section 2. Visitors are invited to conclude their exploratory journey at two complimentary DIY workshops conceived by upcycling product designer Kevin Cheung and paper art collective STICKYLINE in Section 4. The ‘dream-making’ experience comes to life in these workshops where, for example, participants can create an articulated toy bird out of recycled aluminium cans using the DIY tool kit prepared by Kevin.

Commission Work by Four Local Designers: ‘Garden in the Weird Dream’

‘Dream Big Think Small’ taps on the talents of four local creative forces to envisage two dreamy yet playful gardens through sight, sound, and touch. Woodwork and interior design expert Screw Up Studio, paper art collective STICKYLINE, sound designer and musician Vanissa Law, and fashion designer Cynthia Mak come together for the exhibition to create a dreamscape to give visitors a brief escape from reality. The commission work ‘Garden in the Weird Dream’ will be open to the public for free visit from now to 12 June.

Workshops & Talks to Build/Reach for Dreams Together

On occasion of the ‘Dream Big Think Small’ exhibition, Design Spectrum is also organising a public activities programme for participants to delve deeper into the world of creative sparks. These public activities are the Atypical Garden fabric art workshop, the After Dream workshop using photos and celluloid sheets to create a kaleidoscope, and the Musical Instrument with One (or more) Button(s) workshop blending together essentials

of electronic circuit design and electronic musical instrument making. A conversation series on the topics of philosophy and dreams with guests such as Corrupt the Youth will also open in June.

Meanwhile during the exhibition, an exclusive Design Spectrum x LeeeeeeToy vinyl figure collection “Space Earthly”, alongside works from other participating designers, will be available at DS Shop on the ground floor of 7 Mallory Street. Add them to your favourite collectibles and let them inspire your dreams before they are all gone!

‘Dream Big Think Small’ Exhibition
From now – 17 July 2022
10:00am – 7:00pm (Monday to Sunday)
3/F, 7 Mallory Street, Wan Chai (Free admission with pre-registration required)
1. DIY Kit is free of charge, details will be announced in due course.

2. Public guided tours are also available on 29 May, 5 June, 26 June, 9 July, 17 July
Two sessions per day on these specified dates with pre-registration required:
2:30pm-3:15pm and 4:00pm-4:45pm

For further details and latest updates, please visit: www.designspectrum.hk

*To comply with the current COVID-19 restrictions and ensure the health and safety of all participants, precautionary measures will be adopted in ‘Dream Big Think Small’ exhibition and related activities. The activity schedule is subject to the latest update by the Organiser.


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