HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 1 February 2024 – DFI Retail Group (“DFI”) is pleased to announce that Wellcome Supermarket (“Wellcome”), a part of its retail portfolio, has acquired a European-made 24-ton electric truck, with plans to add a second one to its fleet in Hong Kong later this year. This strategic move makes Wellcome the first retail company in Hong Kong to adopt such vehicles, marking a pivotal step in DFI’s commitment to sustainable development. This initiative is part of DFI’s broader sustainability strategy, aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by half by 2030 and achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

DFI Retail Group Deploys the First European-made 24-ton Electric Truck in Hong Kong, Advancing towards Net Zero Emissions
Wellcome becomes the first retailer in Hong Kong to deploy the European-made 24-ton electric truck

The adoption of electric truck significantly enhances environmental protection efforts. Wellcome’s brand-new electric truck is projected to save approximately 264,000 liters[1] of diesel over a decade when compared to traditional fuel trucks. This is equivalent to a reduction of around 538 tons of carbon emissions, which is comparable to the annual carbon absorption by about 24,710 trees, thereby substantially improving air quality. In addition, the electric truck produces less noise than its conventional diesel counterparts, contributing to a notable decrease in noise pollution.

Mr. Michael Haas, Supply Chain Director of DFI Retail Group, stated, “By introducing the first 24-ton electric truck in Hong Kong through our smart transport solutions partner, Scania, we have achieved a new milestone in our green logistics. We will continue to evaluate the commercial viability of electric trucks and explore the prospects of fleet electrification to build a green supply chain.”

Mr. Darren Chan, Managing Director of Wellcome Hong Kong and Macau, said, “We are delighted to be the first retailer in Hong Kong to adopt a 24-ton electric truck. While providing customers with quality products and services, we are committed to reducing carbon emissions generated during our operations. Wellcome has previously installed an extensive solar panel system at our fresh food center to support renewable energy development, and the introduction of electric trucks this year further demonstrates Wellcome’s commitment of being a socially responsible retailer.”

DFI actively takes measures to reduce its carbon footprint. In additional to the deployment of the first 24-ton electric truck by Wellcome in Hong Kong; IKEA, operated by the Group in Taiwan, also adopted the first 26-ton electric truck in Taiwan last year. The Group consistently reviews its operations to enhance sustainable development and explores the feasibility of expanding its green fleet through direct purchasing and collaboration with third-party logistics providers. Balancing operational requirements with environmental responsibilities, DFI is working tirelessly on reducing fuel consumption, energy usage, and carbon emissions, ready to embark on the future challenges of logistics.

[1] The consumption of diesel for an electric truck in one year is based on the estimation of annual mileage of 80,000km.

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