Introducing a One-Click Haircut Reservation App for In-Store Convenience

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 14 December 2023 – Hair Kiss addresses the communication challenges between customers, hairstylists, and haircut reservations by launching its proprietary brand app. The app is now available on major smartphone platforms, Hair Kiss is the first Hong Kong hair salon with its own brand app. The founder states that the app is highly popular among customers and has reduced the workload for hairstylists. The app allows customers not only to book in-store appointments with their preferred hairstylists but also to view past customer reviews for all hairstylists, facilitating customers in making informed decisions. Moreover, the app enables hairstylists to record each customer’s hairstyle details, providing valuable insights for future services. Recent additions to the app include member shopping features, point accumulation, birthday discounts, voucher redemption, and other features, with more updates planned for 2024.

Hair Kiss, the Japanese-Korean hair salon, pioneers the in-store haircut reservation app, serving nearly 80,000 customers annually.

Celebrating 18th anniversary with Special Haircut Offers in 2024, Some Services offered at Half Price

In celebration of its 18th anniversary, Hair Kiss introduces various attractive promotions at both branches. These include an “20% discount on all haircut, perm, dyeing, hair treatment, and TOKIO INKARAMI hair quality repair services for new customers”, “free hair dyeing services with TOKIO INKARAMI hair quality repair services”, “50% discount off on hair perm services” , “10% discount off for returning members”, and “Free color touch-ups within two months after hair dyeing”. The founder mentions that these promotions, the most extensive in the past 18 years, have received an overwhelmingly positive response, leading two branches always full booked. The founder suggests that customers use the app or WhatsApp to make appointments before taking advantage of the promotions, can significantly reducing walk-in waiting times.

Annual Sponsorship for Employee Training Abroad; New Services Expected in 2024

Recognizing the importance of continuous education for staff, Hair Kiss has consistently sponsored its team of hairstylists to receive training in the latest hairdressing techniques in Japan, Korea, Europe, and other countries. Despite travel restrictions during the pandemic, the brand spent huge money in inviting foreign hairstylists to Hong Kong to provide training sessions, ensuring continued learning opportunities for its staff. The founder hints at the launch of popular overseas services, such as “painless hair dyeing,” and other innovative hairstyling services in Hong Kong in 2024.

No Restrictions on Hair Dye Usage and Service Hours to Increase Customer Satisfaction

The brand’s another major selling point is its collaborative approach with the staff. The founder mentioned that many hair salons in the industry often collaborate with hairstylists in a “Freelance format.” Typically, these salons merely provide a space for individual hairstylists to bring in their existing clients for haircuts. After the haircut is completed, the salon deducts the hairstylist’s costs for dyes and chemicals used in the salon and then subtracts a commission before paying the hairstylist. However, the founder of Hair Kiss believes that this collaboration method has several drawbacks. Through the Freelance format, hairstylists experience a high turnover rate. Additionally, tying hairstylists’ costs for dyes and chemical materials directly to their income may lead to hairstylists deliberately economizing on the use of these materials during processes like dyeing and perming, severely affecting the effectiveness of these services and, in the long run, causing a significant loss of customers.

Recognizing these issues, Hair Kiss has adopted a new collaboration approach with its in-house hairstylists. Unlike the common Freelance format in the industry, Hair Kiss has implemented a fresh collaboration scheme that does not deduct the hairstylists’ costs for dyes and chemical materials used during customer service. The brand not only removes restrictions on the quantity of dyes and chemicals hairstylists can use but also encourages them to use an appropriate amount based on customer needs. This ensures that the hair shaping results of customers are better and more durable. The founder mentioned that although these arrangements slightly increase costs, they are more than willing to make these adjustments if they contribute to customer satisfaction.

High Praise for Hair Kiss Hairstylist Professionalism; Stringent Requirements for New Hires

Facing local talent attrition, Hair Kiss experiences recruitment pressure. However, the founder emphasizes the brand’s commitment to maintaining high standards in recruitment over the past 18 years. Hair Kiss conducts a multi-stage hairstylist interview process that goes beyond conventional interviews. During hairstylist recruitment, candidates are required to bring a male and a female friend. The recruitment department then requests candidates to perform different hairstyling treatments on their friends to assess communication skills, dyeing and styling capabilities, adaptability, and aesthetic sense. Failure to meet standards in any aspect results in non-selection, ensuring that hairstylists providing services to customers maintain a high level of proficiency.

Introducing Natural Hair Dye – Napla, Catering to Various Customer Needs

To address customer preferences for natural hair products and avoid skin sensitivity issues, Hair Kiss’s procurement team has sourced nearly thirty different hair dye brands worldwide. After personal testing, the brand decided to introduce Napla’s natural hair dye, providing customers with more options and reducing the risk of post-dyeing sensitivity.

Dedicated Pre-sale Hair Assessment and After-sale Service for Customer

To ensure a positive experience for customers before and after their visit, Hair Kiss has dedicated pre-sale and after-sale teams. The pre-sale team assists with reservations and provides basic professional styling advice through WhatsApp and phone calls. Customers often send selfies to the pre-sale team during WhatsApp inquiries to seek styling advice. The pre-sale team has provided professional styling advice over 10,000 times across various communication platforms. The after-sale team manages customer experiences after leaving the salon, addressing requests for modifications or color touch-ups in subsequent styling sessions. The founder aims to enhance all aspects of the customer experience to ensure customer satisfaction with the brand’s hairstyling services.

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