SHANGHAI, CHINA Media OutReach Newswire – 20 February 2024 – Renowned as a trendy hub for worldwide shoppers, Hong Kong International Airport boasts a diverse array of both international and local brands. These encompass stylish apparel, cutting-edge electronic products, and authentic local souvenirs. The airport curates a selection of popular Hong Kong souvenirs and features specially chosen stores. Additionally, in celebration of the New Year, enticing pop-up discounts have been introduced to warmly greet passengers as they step into an auspicious new year!

Savor the True Essence of Hong Kong with the Iconic ‘Flying Roast Goose’

The roast goose, renowned for its crispy skin and succulent meat, is a favorite among tourists. Having savored it in Hong Kong, many visitors express a desire to bring the uniquely charcoal-scented roast goose on a dedicated flight back to their hometowns, intending to share this delectable experience with family and friends. This has propelled its fame to international heights, transforming it into a cherished gift for tourists to convey their affection for Hong Kong to their loved ones, aptly earning it the moniker “Flying Roast Goose.”

Numerous restaurants at Hong Kong International Airport offer vacuum-sealed gift boxes of roast goose. This initiative is geared towards preserving the freshness and high quality of the delicacy, enabling travelers to carry the quintessential Hong Kong flavor abroad.

Different restrictions and regulations for import and export food apply in different countries/ territories. Passengers are reminded to research and understand the relevant regulations prior to purchase and travel.

Yung Kee

Hong Kong International Airport Popular Souvenir Recommendations; Share the Taste of Hong Kong with Family and Friends

Yung Kee Charcoal Grilled Roasted Goose has consistently stood out as a renowned and timeless dish in Hong Kong. As the precursor to Flying Roasted Goose, it holds a significant place in the local culinary scene. Yung Kee has meticulously crafted gift box packaging designed for extended travels, enabling international friends to savor the authentic taste of charcoal-grilled goose. This thoughtful approach aims to seamlessly share the rich food culture of Hong Kong with people across the globe.

The “Flying Roasted Goose” from Yung Kee is now available on Orders placed between 12:00 and 22:00 (HKT) can be ready for pickup as early as 1 day later.

Signature Flying Roasted Goose In Premium Pack (Whole): $920 HKD

Tai Hing

Tai Hing

Tai Hing Roast Restaurant presents distinctive classic Hong Kong-style delicacies. Their renowned original roast goose adheres to traditional preparation methods, allowing customers to experience the rich aroma of goose before indulging in the crispy skin, succulent goose juice, and tender meat. Tai Hing remains committed to daily, fresh preparation to uphold food quality through stringent production standards. Enthusiasts of roast goose should not miss the opportunity to try it!

Priced at $478 HKD



The distinctive airplane roast goose from Duddell’s Airport Branch is prepared fresh daily, ensuring a perfect balance of freshness, crispiness, and juiciness. Duddell’s opts for Chao Lian Black Mane Goose, known for its optimal meat quality and subcutaneous fat ratio, to craft the roast goose. Every piece is expertly grilled until achieving a crispy skin and tender meat, complemented by the serving of homemade sour plum sauce to enhance the flavor.

Furthermore, Duddell’s distinctive X.O. sauce is crafted using premium ingredients such as Hokkaido scallops, dried shrimps, Jinhua ham, fresh chili peppers, dried onions, and garlic. This results in an authentic Hong Kong flavor, making it an essential souvenir for those visiting the region.

· Roast goose on airplane: $880 HKD
· Duddell’s signature X.O. sauce: $398 HKD

Ho Hung Kee Congee & Noodle, Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop

Ho Hung Kee Congee & Noodle, Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop

Being among the longstanding noodle establishments in Hong Kong, these two shops offer an array of genuine Hong Kong noodles and porridge. Tourists and locals alike have a strong affection for signature dishes like wonton noodles, Zhuang Yuan, and Di porridge.

Ho Hung Kee and Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop freshly grill their roast goose daily at their respective airport establishments. Employing proprietary smoking technology, they infuse a distinctive smoky aroma into the roast goose, providing tasters with a multi-dimensional flavor experience. The final touch involves the addition of a homemade secret sauce to elevate the unique taste of the roast goose.

In the quest for excellence and freshness, the daily supply of roast goose is deliberately restricted to guarantee the quality and flavor of each serving.

· Ho Hung Kee Roasted Goose: $788 HKD
· Tasty Congee & Noodle Wantun Shop Roasted Goose: $783 HKD

Recommended Chinese New Year gift sets and snacks with an authentic Hong Kong flair
Apart from the freshly grilled and aromatic “Flying Roast Goose,” Hong Kong International Airport also hosts a variety of international and local brands, providing passengers with convenient access to Hong Kong-themed specialty foods and gifts prior to their departure. This enables them to share the delectable flavors of Hong Kong with their family and friends.

Numerous curated brands are now featured on the online store, affiliated with Hong Kong International Airport. This offers travelers a plethora of gift ideas and promotions available at any moment. Orders placed on can be prepared for pickup within just 90 minutes. Concerned that carrying your purchases might inconvenience your journey? Passenger at Hong Kong International Airport can enjoy free delivery service upon spending $300 or gate pick-up service upon $1,000.

Starting today until February 19, 2024, those who spend HK$888 or more on the online store can avail a 10% discount on their entire order. A purchase totaling HK$1,888 or more qualifies for a 15% discount, while a purchase of HK$2,888 or above is eligible for a 20% discount. Don’t miss this final opportunity in the New Year to share joy and satisfaction with your loved ones!

Peninsula Boutique

Peninsula Boutique

Peninsula Boutique introduces a fresh collection in celebration of the Chinese New Year, drawing inspiration from the mythical dragon and honoring the traditional dragon dance. The selection of New Year gifts encompasses a variety of refined praline confections and enticing pastries crafted by the renowned Michelin-starred chef, Chef Tang Zhiqiang.

Featured products include:
· XO Chilli Sauce【Chinese New Year Edition】: $445 HKD
· Dongting Bi Luo Chun & Fuding Jasmine Dragon Pearl Premium Tea Gift Set: $768 HKD
· Signature Chinese Tea Bag Gift Box: $268 HKD

King Bakery

King Bakery

King Bakery offers freshly baked egg tarts daily, allowing passengers to savor warm and delicious treats before their flight. Beyond enjoying hot egg tarts on the spot, travelers can also buy packaged gift boxes containing egg tarts and chicken bites, making for authentic Hong Kong souvenirs for friends and family abroad.

King Bakery ‘s outlets also offer an assortment of Hong Kong-style snacks, quick and light hot meals, as well as instant and canned beverages to cater to the dining requirements of passengers before boarding.

Featured products include:
· Farm Milk Pastry Egg Tart: $15 HKD
· Farm milk butter egg tart: $15 HKD
· Farm Milk Durian Egg Tart: $15 HKD
· Airplane chicken batch: $14 HKD
· Airplane cheese tart: $14 HKD
· Smooth milk tea (hot): $20 HKD

Kee Wah Bakery

Kee Wah Bakery

Since its founding in 1938, Kee Wah Bakery has remained steadfast in its commitment to “baking with heart and achieving success through quality.” Blending tradition with a spirit of innovation, the bakery delivers meticulously crafted cakes to its customers. Kee Wah Bakery upholds traditional craftsmanship and maintains a dedication to local manufacturing in Hong Kong. Offering a diverse range of thoughtfully curated New Year gift boxes, suitable for both gifting and personal enjoyment, the bakery allows you to share sweet, tender, and delectable New Year pastries and classic festive snacks with your loved ones. Come together and celebrate the New Year!

Featured products include:
· Palmiers And Almond Crisps Gift Box (17pcs): $120 HKD
· Assorted Pineapple Shortcakes (9 Pcs) – Pineapple Shape: $108 HKD
· Chinese New Year Panda Assorted Snacks Gift Set New Year Panda snack gift box: $105 HKD

Cookie Quartet

Cookie Quartet

The Cookie Quartet is a product line introduced by Kee Wah Bakery in 2008. It has since expanded its presence with multiple stores across various regions in Hong Kong, solidifying its reputation as a widely recognized and renowned brand.

The Butterfly puff pastry stands out as one of the brand’s timeless offerings, renowned for its crispy texture, delightful sweetness, and a rich aroma of butter. Additionally, the brand’s cookie series, crafted from premium butter and high-quality Japanese flour, is a distinctive specialty. These cookies, meticulously handmade, boast a light texture and exceptional quality, earning them a well-deserved popularity among enthusiasts.

With the New Year on the horizon, the Cookie Quartet has readied a favored offering for travelers – the Butterfly Cookies, along with two elegant New Year gift sets. Each symbolizes fortune, happiness, and good luck, contributing a festive ambiance to the upcoming year.

Featured products include:
· Signature original butterfly cake: $228 HKD
· New Year butterfly cake gift box: $188 HKD
· New Year cookie gift box: $198 HKD

Yiu Fung

Yiu Fung

Yiu Fung

Yiu Fung, with over fifty years of establishment in Hong Kong, specializes in an array of preserved fruits and distinctive souvenirs. Through decades of dedicated effort, Yiu Fung has remained steadfast in preserving the authentic taste of Hong Kong, earning recognition as a longstanding and beloved brand in the region, particularly renowned as a preferred souvenir shop for tourists.

Among them, there are three distinct souvenirs known as the “Yiu Fung Three Treasures,” comprising “Hua Mei,” “Winter Ginger,” and “Tangerine Peel.” These specialty items boast unique Hong Kong flavors and have gained significant popularity among individuals.

Featured products include:
· Plum slices (75g): $30 HKD
· Qingtian Hua Mei (37.5g): $30 HKD
· Extra Fine Tangerine Peel King (37.5g): $90 HKD
· Peach (112g): $20 HKD

Furthermore, Hong Kong International Airport has arranged special New Year shopping benefits for members of “HKairport Rewards.” Members can anticipate surprise rewards, including round-trip air tickets to Japan! With a wide array of enticing gifts, Hong Kong International Airport provides an abundant opportunity for everyone to relish a distinctive shopping experience and collectively usher in a prosperous new year.

In the Year of the Dragon, “HKairport Rewards” offers triple rewards, enabling you to indulge in an unrestricted shopping spree.

Between February 1st and 19th, 2024, Hong Kong International Airport proudly introduces the New Year air ticket promotion event, offering you the opportunity to purchase New Year gifts at the airport and earn rewards through your shopping!

1. Embrace the New Year with the chance to win a round-trip air ticket to Japan! From February 1 to 19, 2024, by making a cumulative purchase of HK$15,000 at any airport shop, restaurant, or on the online store, you will be entitled to a set of round-trip air tickets to Japan. The designated destinations encompass Tokyo and Sapporo, and there’s no need for a lottery – simply reach the spending threshold to claim your reward! Each member can avail this offer up to 2 times, enabling you to embark on a joyous New Year journey with your loved ones.

2. HK$100 New Member Welcome Reward – Upon registering, new members will be granted a HK$100 shopping cash voucher. This voucher can be utilized with a net expenditure of HK$300 or more at specified merchants.

3. 2x Points and Up to 12% Cashback – You can avail double reward points for every purchase throughout the promotion period. This means you will receive 2 reward points for every HK$1 spent, allowing you to indulge in a rewarding shopping experience.

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