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SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 7 December 2023 – The IAmCasting app launched today, which is also accessible via a website, is founded by Irene Ang to simplify the casting process for both industry players as well as Asian creative talents. The launch of IAmCasting happens after 24 years since she started Singapore’s first talent management company.

IAmCasting Revolutionizes Media Industry with Launch of New Casting App at 10th Singapore Media Festival
Irene Ang, Founder of IAmCasting, at the launch during the Singapore Media Festival 2023
MOU signing with media and production companies at the IAmCasting launch: Ng Say Yong, Chief Content Officer, mm2 Entertainment; Irene Ang, Founder, IAmCasting; Tan Kiat How, Senior Minister-of-State for Communication and Information & National Development; Kenneth Shih, CEO, Hong Pictures; Pedro Tan, Managing Director & Executive Producer, Ochre Pictures
MOU signing with media and production companies at the IAmCasting launch: Ng Say Yong, Chief Content Officer, mm2 Entertainment; Irene Ang, Founder, IAmCasting; Tan Kiat How, Senior Minister-of-State for Communication and Information & National Development; Kenneth Shih, CEO, Hong Pictures; Pedro Tan, Managing Director & Executive Producer, Ochre Pictures

“The launch of IAmCasting marks a significant milestone for us,” said Irene Ang, Founder, IAmCasting. “This is a platform where anyone and everyone in the media and entertainment landscape can connect effortlessly. It is not just a casting platform but a community that fosters creativity and collaboration, with limitless possibilities.”

Contributing to A Globally Competitive Local Media & Entertainment Ecosystem

With the support of the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), IAmCasting was launched at the Singapore Media Festival today, with Senior Minister-of-State for Communications and Information & National Development, Tan Kiat How gracing the launch event as Guest-of-Honour and witnessing the signing of Memoranda of Understanding (MOUs) with leading media and production companies – mm2 Entertainment, Ochre Pictures, Hong Pictures and Hollywood Thailand. Under the MOUs, the media and production companies will leverage IAmCasting for their upcoming productions’ casting.

“Congratulations to Irene and her team on the launch of this innovative platform! IMDA is excited to see IAmCasting bridge media talent and projects, and we are happy to support this partnership that will present both producers and talents more opportunities to collaborate. It is an important showcase for an industry which has been proactive in keeping up with digital technologies and global trends,” said Chris Tan, Director, Media Industry Development at IMDA.

“IAmCasting is set to redefine the way talents, actors, content creators, production houses, casting directors, and brand owners – among others, interact in the media and entertainment industry, providing a dynamic space for talent discovery, job opportunities, and creative collaborations on a global scale”, said Jack Lim, CEO, IAmCasting.

Ng Say Yong, Chief Content Officer, mm2 Entertainment, said, “There is an increasing demand for Asian talents on international platforms, with more diverse and challenging roles beyond racial stereotypes. The IAmCasting app will make it more accessible and convenient for casting agents here and all over the world to find and uncover Asian and Singaporean artistes for the global stage.”

“With Singapore’s push towards digital transformation in an increasingly digtalized and connected world, IAmCasting couldn’t have landed at a more apt time, democratizing the casting process and enabling talents to connect across the world. We look forward to seeing how this platform can revolutionise casting processes,” said Jean Yeo, CEO and Creative Director, Ochre Pictures.

Kenneth Shih, CEO, Hong Pictures said, “IAmCasting heralds a new era for casting, seamlessly connecting local talents with opportunities, potentially reshaping the landscape of our industry. Embracing IAmCasting for our film ‘BABY HERO’ simplifies talent discovery, offering a swift and inclusive alternative to traditional casting methods.”

Eliminating Barriers to Drive Greater Efficiency in the Casting Process

Having thrusted Singapore talents into global limelight with Crazy Rich Asians and other international shows in the past, Irene Ang, and the IAmCasting team, believes the next break may not be far. And IAmCasting might just be the catalyst as it speeds up the casting process by eliminating geographical and time barriers, allowing for casting to take place anytime, anywhere.

Industry players such as media owners, production companies, casting agencies and directors, event companies, modelling agencies, brand owners and marketing agencies can create job opportunities on IAmCasting, while creative talents such as actors, models, hosts, content creators and even singers and sports stars can easily create their profiles and upload their portfolios.

“I wish IAmCasting appeared in my life 10 years ago! I only just completed building my personal website a few years back, and some things are still all over that require collation. With many cross-country collaborations and projects, it would be great to have a platform like IAmCasting to bring everyone in – and my experience and credentials can easily be updated online too,” said Alaric, actor, and panelist at the IAmCasting launch.

With features like searchable capabilities and real-time notifications, IAmCasting reshapes the talent discovery landscape and allows for greater efficiency in the casting process with a wider pool of talents and more job opportunities, potentially cutting down the time taken to find the right fit from months to days.

Empowering Talents with Equal Opportunities for All

Since the soft launch of IAmCasting last April, over 600 talents from Singapore and Malaysia have signed up. Many of these talents are independent artistes and content creators who face limited exposure to job opportunities, but IAmCasting levels the playing field for them. Close to 40 production companies have also signed up, and more are expected to come onboard. At the launch, Hong Pictures and Hollywood Thailand announced that they will embark on the casting for their upcoming production ‘BABY HERO’, a comedy action movie featuring local and Thai stars to be released in Q1 2025, exclusively on IAmCasting.

Beyond job opportunities, IAmCasting is poised to create a new era of collaboration, fostering the exchange of ideas, experiences, and mentorship among all the stakeholders.

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IAmCasting (formerly known as TADAA! Casting) is an online platform that connects industry talents such as models, actors, celebrities, singers, content creators, sports stars and performers with clients and opportunities across the globe without being limited by physical, geographical and time restrictions. IAmCasting aims to create a vibrant community where talents can grow and thrive through the exchange of experiences on an international stage.


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