HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 19 February 2024 – Kriya Lightning Foundation announces the launch of its transformative “Self-Care Sundays” series, featuring free workshops for migrant domestic workers facilitated by experienced teachers from the Kriya Lightning Foundation. This series aims to empower individuals by teaching them how to cultivate a healthy approach to their emotions, allowing for a release of pent-up stress and fostering overall well-being.

Through practical techniques shared during the Self-Care Sunday workshops, participants will gain valuable tools that they can implement independently, promoting self-education and empowerment. Additionally, the series includes guided meditation classes, providing a hands-on experience for attendees to let go of tension and find balance.

Kriya Lightning Foundation is partnering with multiple MDW-led charities to offer these workshops. Partners include Peduli Kasih, Social Justice for Migrant Workers and Self-Love Cupid. These meditation and mental wellbeing sessions are offered on Sundays, with the next session on March 3rd 2024. Details regarding workshops can be found at https://www.kriyalightningfoundation.org/events.

Giving To the Community

Migrant domestic workers play a pivotal role in modern Hong Kong families, from housework down to childcare. However, they face issues such as fewer rights, lack of privacy, and limited access to self-care resources. In the spirit of service, accessibility, and compassion, Kriya Lightning Foundation is reaching out to support the migrant domestic workers of Hong Kong.

Providing help to others is something that has been at the very core of the Kriya Lightning Foundation from the very beginning. Everyone, regardless of background and financial situation, deserves access to tools that can help them find happiness. As an NGO dedicated to improving mental wellness, all workshops offered are free of charge and accessible to all.

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About The Kriya Lightning Foundation

The Kriya Lightning Foundation is a Hong Kong-based NGO dedicated to helping people around the world. What started as two people figuring out how to deal with stress and emotional discomfort 10 years ago evolved into a journey to share discoveries of original techniques such as Open Awareness, to help others find peace and happiness within themselves.

Kriya Lightning Foundation offers practical methods to train the mind and body to let go of attachments and resistances through meditative techniques. The techniques offered are a culmination of 10 years of refinement, designed with goals to help increase clarity and meet emotional challenges with proven results from their from their community.

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