SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 26 February 2024 – Lifeline Cleaning, a commercial cleaning service provider in Singapore, will be offering free disinfection services to Lighthouse School Toa Payoh to provide students with a safe and hygienic learning environment where they can thrive. Lifeline Cleaning has always acknowledged the importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects, and has had past initiatives directed towards benefiting the elderly and visually impaired. The latest CSR programme is set to commence in March, going beyond disinfecting schools to create awareness for a lesser-known group of beneficiaries—the hard of hearing, visually impaired, and Autism student community.

Lifeline Cleaning Empowers Lighthouse School Through Free Disinfection Services

The choice of the Lighthouse School as the focal point stems from the need to highlight the challenges faced by the aforementioned students. Although often neglected by society, these children never fail to work hard to live a purposeful life themselves. Just like any other child, they too, deserve an environment conducive to learning. Lifeline aims to make a meaningful difference in their lives, strengthening their resilience and ensuring they receive the care and attention they rightfully deserve.

What is Included in the CSR Project?

In hopes of providing favourable conditions for learning, and inspiring the public to extend their support, Lifeline Cleaning has planned a series of CSR projects targeted at helping students suffering from vision impairment, hearing loss, and Autism.

With a profound desire to protect the students from potential health risks, the recent surge in COVID cases in December prompted Lifeline to take immediate action through cleaning services. This upcoming project will feature the use of advanced Korean disinfectant machinery, coupled with COVID-19 and variant disinfectants. These products are chosen for their effectiveness, safety for humans, and being food-safe.

The initiative will include an educational component, where students will be taught more about basic hygiene so that they can contribute to their environment’s cleanliness too.

Lifeline Cleaning’s CSR Plans

Lifeline is committed to serving its valued beneficiaries for years to come, going beyond providing a one-time disinfection service. The cleaning company firmly believes that people at all levels are the essence of an organisation, and their full involvement is crucial for the organisation’s benefit. While Lifeline has consistently undertaken CSR projects, their efforts paused when COVID hit their shores. Despite the challenges, Lifeline remains unwavering in its dedication. In February, the team distributed Ang Baos (red packets) during a Chinese New Year celebration at the school, in addition to a breakfast-sharing session and CNY goodie bag giveaway, ushering in the festival with the children.

To leave a lasting impact on the community’s health and well-being, Lifeline Cleaning aims to open up these disinfection services to other non-profit schools in the future, helping teachers better provide sanitary and safe learning spaces to students with disabilities.
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About Lifeline Cleaning

Lifeline Cleaning is a premier cleaning company in Singapore, providing commercial, industrial, office, restaurant, carpet, high dusting, floor scrubbing, waxing, and disinfection services. Their commitment to professionalism goes beyond the call of duty, driven by a genuine desire to provide clean environments that prioritise safety and contribute to an improved quality of life.


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