MANILA, PHILIPPINES – ACCESSWIRE – 4 May 2022 – META.N GROUP is an artificial intelligence (AI) social technician company that creates and supplies technology that fits the cultural environment and times. META.N GROUP plans on providing platform-based technology that supports various financial and trading systems based on HyperNEX technology researched and developed by the subsidiary HyperNEST.

HyperNEX technology was developed to solve the problems with value sharing and the consistency of distribution that have emerged in the convergence process of technology and finance. It supports the distribution of online media content creation and sharing activities based on fifth generation AI-distributed computing technology.

The core goal of the technology is to implement a central execution system. After that, the goal is to implement a distributed audit system for quick processing and fair distribution. We have introduced an AI system into the distributed audit node, which allows it to prevent mistakes and biases for the benefit of a specific group when human intervention occurs.

David Han Lee, CEO of HyperNEST (the developer of HyperNEX technology), said, “It’s possible for AI to make mistakes or form a bias, but AI lacks human emotions. That’s why a fair distribution has more advantages than a human-directed distribution. We will block intervention for specific interests and improve the completion degree of technology. The more we experience fair distribution, the more competitive we will become. We want to be a company that others want to follow.”

META.N GROUP provides the W (Wallet) – M (Messenger) – M (NFT Marketplace) service based on the aforementioned HyperNEX technology to solve the problems with value sharing and distribution for those who use grid chain technology. META.N GROUP puts media content into NFTs with NFT Marketplace and NFTs that are traded in the market as the core axes. We will use these axes to achieve sharing and distribution. The GxG NFT Marketplace launched by META.N GROUP has the capacity for 1 GB minting. This means that users can utilize tools to convert various forms of media such as videos and high-quality images into NFTs to create new records and certifications. The market’s attention is focused on the fact that it is possible to solve the intellectual property problem (a common problem in the NFT market) through high-capacity minting.

It is said that a large-capacity hardware infrastructure is needed for the advancement and development of minting services of 1 GB or more as well as AI services. META.N GROUP is focusing on achieving “One Korea, One Cloud” in hopes of solving these problems. In other words, individuals or companies from the Republic of Korea will build a shared network infrastructure by sharing some of their PC storage, network, and GPU with us. The platform that is created will provide a fair distribution of shares. We want to be the first in the world to connect one country with one Cloud.

Eom Meen, the chairman of META.N GROUP, said, “There are a lot of conceptual examples of resource sharing. They have proved to be effective, but the practical implementation plans have been insufficient. With the NFT Marketplace as the main axis, we will provide services by combining the production of media content with the shared physical environment. This will allow us to create a feasible final touchpoint. The concept of value sharers refers to groups that share physical resources as well as groups that produce content. This will lead to the creation of natural DAO activities and an environment in which everyone is united. In the future, we will expand the market from ‘One Korea, One Cloud’ to ‘One World, One Cloud.’ We are currently receiving calls of support from global companies interested in our platform and technology.”

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