SAN JOSE, Calif.Nov. 16, 2018 /MGBF/ — Microland, a digital accelerator for global enterprises, today announced that it has signed a global agreement to provide Managed Private Cloud solutions on the FlexPod platform. FlexPod is a converged infrastructure platform developed by Cisco and NetApp that hosts infrastructure software and business applications in virtualized and bare-metal environments, to enhance the agility and flexibility of enterprises.

The new FlexPod Managed Private Cloud solution built on FlexPod enables customers to realize a cloud-like, As-a-Service model for their on-premises IT. The FlexPod infrastructure would be located on-premises but managed remotely, securing critical customer data and advancing cloud-capabilities for both partners and their customers. Microland’s innovative solutions including Applications to Containers (a2cs), Container as a Service, etc. are available through catalogues on the FlexPod environment, thereby accelerating the time to deployment after FlexPod procurement. Utilizing current generation technologies like Terraform, Microland also provides options for bare metal provisioning which is one of the key asks across multiple clients for high performance computing.

“The new Managed Private Cloud solutions enhanced and configured with Microland’s managed services enable us to further accelerate digital transformation, drive profitability, improve efficiency and advance process and system effectiveness for customers across AsiaAustraliaEuropeMiddle Eastand North America,” said Pradeep Kar, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director, Microland Limited. “We are excited by our relationship with Cisco and NetApp to enable faster adoption and consumption of innovative solutions based on FlexPod platform.”

“We are proud of our continued innovation as we further expand FlexPod’s powerful capabilities with support for industry-specific applications and new consumption models,” said Siva Sivakumar, Senior Director, Data Center Solutions, Cisco Systems. “We are excited that Microland will deliver Managed Private Cloud solutions on FlexPod. This new offering will help organizations accelerate deployment of their business-critical applications and provide a secure, robust, and flexible private cloud infrastructure that has the speed and simplicity of public cloud.”

“There are many technical and organizational obstacles that can hinder private cloud adoption,” said Ranjeet Sudan, Vice President of Converged Infrastructure at NetApp. “By working with Microland we are making it easier for organizations to drive superior performance for their business-critical applications with a managed private cloud solution built on a trusted, high-performance converged infrastructure solution.”

About Microland:

Microland accelerates the digital transformation journey for global enterprises enabling them to deliver high-value business outcomes to their clients. Headquartered in Bangalore, India, Microland has more than 4,000 professionals across its offices in AustraliaEuropeIndiaMiddle East and North America. Microland enables global enterprises to become more agile and innovative by integration of emerging technologies and the application of automation, analytics and predictive intelligence to their business processes.

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