MIYAZAKI CITY, JAPAN – Media OutReach Newswire – 5 February 2024 – Miyazaki City, a hub in southeast Kyushu, Japan, and the capital of Miyazaki Prefecture, has a population of around 400,000, making it the seventh-largest city in the region. Designated a core city in 1998, it is celebrated for its vibrant tourism attractions, such as Phoenix Seagaia, Aoshima, and hosting professional baseball training camps. Known for its focus on the service industry, the city boasts the Sheraton Grand Ocean Resort, one of Kyushu’s tallest structures, located in the Phoenix Seagaia complex.

Miyazaki City teams up with Japan Airlines Miyazaki Branch to invite tourists from Asia for a unique coastal and cutural journey
* At JAL’s first ‘Cultural Exchange Lecture

Miyazaki City’s beauty beckons tourists, and in collaboration with JAL, the Tourism Association is hosting events to attract visitors from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan. The initiative opens doors for exploration and offers advantageous opportunities for study or work in the region.

Miyazaki City’s collaboration with Japan Airlines strengthens both its physical and cultural foundations, bolstering its international appeal. This partnership not only enhances tourism attractiveness but also promotes a deeper understanding of foreign cultures among locals, driving the city’s internationalization efforts.

At JAL’s first ‘Cultural Exchange Lecture,’ foreign participants went beyond language learning, delving into Japanese cultural nuances like cuisine and expressions. Mr. Uesako, experienced in daily interactions with foreigners at JR, emphasized the importance of effective communication, extending beyond language to include gestures and warm efforts even when language expression is not perfect.

Mr. Uesako enthusiastically recommends Aoshima as a must-visit in Miyazaki. With scenic tropical beaches and a range of water sports, it’s an ideal spot for sports enthusiasts. Aoshima also hosts sports camps in spring and autumn, providing a delightful experience for those who appreciate both natural beauty and active pursuits.

Student Community Exchange Gathering in Miyazaki City

In a bid for a global outlook, a youth community exchange event centered around “Generation Z” was held, fostering cultural and linguistic understanding among Japanese and international students. Participants from Miyazaki Information Business College Japanese Course and international students from Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Kyrgyzstan enriched the vibrant exchange.

A Kyrgyz student, who returned to Miyazaki after studying there, praises the warmth of the residents, making her feel at home and prompting a return. She recommends Miyazaki not just for its friendly atmosphere but also for meaningful learning experiences. The presence of other international students learning Japanese adds to the cultural exchange, emphasizing the importance of more events with the locals for language practice and cultural understanding.

Miyazaki City enhances its international appeal through courses and exchange activities, inviting friends from overseas. The city assures assistance and guidance, making it an ideal destination without concerns about language or cultural differences.
* Student Community Exchange Gathering in Miyazaki City
* Student Community Exchange Gathering in Miyazaki City

Discovering Miyazaki City: A Journey along the Picturesque Coastal Charm

Miyazaki City, at Kyushu’s southern tip, offers a warm coastal retreat with a perfect blend of pleasant weather, stunning coastlines, and rich history. A sought-after destination, it attracts global travelers in search of the perfect fusion of coastal delights and cultural beauty.

Enchanting Shorelines: Sun-Kissed and Blissful in Miyazaki

Miyazaki City’s year-round warmth and sunlit landscapes offer a dreamy vacation setting. Aoshima, famed for the “Devil’s Washboard” and scenic rock formations, creates a stunning backdrop. Local shops and eateries complete the experience, crafting a picturesque day for visitors.

Ancient Myths, Historical Beauty: Cultural Tapestry Woven Through the Ages

Miyazaki City resonates with ancient mythology and history. Miyazaki Shrine, honoring Japan’s first emperor, captivates with its sacred ambiance. Aoshima, a stage for ancient love tales, is renowned for Aoshima Shrine’s blessing of harmonious relationships, leaving visitors enchanted.

Thriving Sports Culture: The Dazzling Stage of International Competitions

Miyazaki City, a sports hub, not only trains elite baseball and soccer teams but also hosts international competitions. From successful surfing and triathlons to the eagerly awaited annual golf tour, it epitomizes Miyazaki’s vibrant sports culture.

Culinary Expedition: A Feast for the Palate in Miyazaki

Miyazaki City, famed for Miyazaki beef, offers a culinary journey with highlights like charcoal-grilled chicken and ripe mangoes, showcasing its rich food culture. Combining coastal charm, ancient myths, and international sports, it stands as an ideal destination for travelers seeking both seaside pleasures and cultural delights.

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