First Giant 4.5m Height Chocolate Finger Christmas Tree
Life Bread Time Shuttle Exhibition Hall & Spring Onion PopPan Game
Over 100 exhibits to witnessing the historical change of HK bakery industry
HCOINS members enjoy exclusive activities
Garden Christmas Wreath Recycling Workshop

HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach – 23 November 2022 – Christmas is coming with full of anticipation. This Christmas, Ma On Shan MOSTown is specially cooperating with the well-known local bakery brand “Garden” to present Hong Kong First –ever “MOST-Fun Christmas City” to create the most unforgettable festive memories for your family with love! From 19th November, 2022 to 2nd January, 2023, there will be different Garden classic products features in the venue, including HK tallest 4.5m “Chocolate Finger Christmas Tree”, 3m high “Life Bread Truck” and giant Spring Onion Pop Pan. The Life Bread Truck is transformed into a Garden Time Shuttle Exhibition Hall, where hundreds of classic packaging, promotional materials, production tools, boutiques, and other historical items of Garden from different eras are exhibited. These products witness the changes of baking history in different eras, which will definitely bring you a lot of interesting memories. There will also be special themed interactive games, such as a Christmas treasure hunt with Christmas-themed shopping and dining privileges, an eco-friendly Christmas wreath DIY workshop, and gift redemption exclusively for H.COINS members. By the classic photo-taking booth, exhibition hall, fun games, and rich privileges, this Christmas, MOSTown sincerely invites you to enjoy and share the most fun holiday time!

MOSTown x Garden to Present Hong Kong First–ever

Garden’s classic food photo-taking booth brings endless memory in “Taste”

Garden has been dedicated to producing bakery products for more than 90 years, committing to offering healthy and tasty food for everyone every day. This Christmas, Garden will land on MOSTown L2 Atrium, and create a “MOST-Fun Christmas City”, regaining our childhood memories with Garden’s classic products. There will be a 4.5m high Christmas tree designed by various flavors of chocolate fingers and Spring Onion Pop Pan in 3m high. Simply take photos and LIKE on social media, Shoppers may win Garden’s new revamped popular biscuits. In addition, LifeBread is also transformed into a 3m high giant Life Bread Truck as an exhibition hall, exhibiting a hundred pieces of Garden’s historical exhibits, allowing the public to witness the growth of Garden. Cooperating with the Hong Kong Federation of Women’s Centre, the Christmas tree ornaments are handmade Christmas ornaments by using Garden’s disposed packing materials which will add a strong festive atmosphere. There will also be baking theme games for H.COINS members and customers to participate to enjoy the warmth in this Christmas winter!

4.5m tall Chocolate Finger Christmas Tree

Rewinding Garden’s by 90 years, MOSTown Exhibition Hall has more than 100 exhibits witnessing the historical change of bakery

Come to join a Garden time shuttle! Many items are exhibited for the first time, including the tools, packaging, advertisement, etc. bringing everyone back to decades, exploring the experience and transformation of Garden and understanding Hong Kong’s classic bakery brand.

Garden will also first exhibit the first-generation Life Bread in blue & white checkered packaging in 1960; 4 editions of Garden’s model car series with unique certificate numbers in 2001, and the kids must have Super Star Ice Pop, etc. in limited time.

There are also “Star logo” biscuits boxes in the 1930s and 1940s; pattern candy cans of different themes from the 1950s and 1960s; “Moon Cake Club” installment leaflet in the 1950s; the first mooncake tins and the advertisement poster of Garden’s snacks in 1960s. All of them are full of historical value. So don’t miss it!

Christmas baking interactive game with unlimited festival fun

Customers can participate in the “MOST-Yummy Christmas interactive game“, to win the Garden snack bag or designated merchant coupon by appointed spending. In addition, H.COINS members can participate in MOST-Fun Ho Ho Ho! Christmas game“, to win merchant coupons, and Garden classic snacks!

  1. MOST-Yummy Christmas interactive game
  1. MOST-Fun HoHoHo! Christmas game
19th Nov 2022 to 2nd Jan 2023
12nn – 9pm
L2 Redemption Counter
Shoppers with a same-day e-spending of $300 or above and redeem a game ticket at L2 Redemption Counter.
HCOINS member LIKES MOSTown’s Facebook can free to join
Wining appointed merchant coupons, or a Garden classic snack pack
Wining appointed merchant coupons, or a Garden classic snack pack
*On a first come first served basis, while stocks last. Gifts will be given on a random basis.

MOST-FUN Check Point to get Garden’s new packaging product for free

There are 3 main photo-taking spots for check-in. Upload to Instagram with #MOSTown #Garden and follow “MOSTownhk” to get a pack of Garden tasty snack! (While stocks last)

ABOUT “MOSTown MOST-Fun Christmas City“:

19th Nov 2022 to 2nd Jan 2023
12nn – 9pm

HCOINS members enjoy exclusive activities, redeem gifts by collecting stamps. Free registration with welcoming gifts

H.COINS members can participate “Christmas Treasure Hunt” exclusively. Simply scan the QR code at the participating merchants, and collect 3 stamps to get a pack of “Garden Christmas Snack Pack”. Besides, a “Garden Christmas Wreath Recycling Workshop” for members and their friends to the DIY wreath with Garden’s recycling materials. Registering as a member of H.COINS and LIKE MOSTown’s Facebook to get Garden’s classic snack for free (While stocks last). In addition, the existing H.COINS members can join “MOST -Reward Stamp Collection“, H.COINS members can receive 1 exclusive e-stamp for every $250 (1st Wave) or $400 (2nd Wave) e-spending at MOSTown upon successful registration for H.COINS with the machine-printed receipts issued by the merchant and the corresponding electronic payment slip on the H.COINS mobile app or at the L3 Concierge. Members with 3 exclusive e-stamps can redeem a complimentary Christmas premium to accompany you through this Christmas with warmth.

HCOINS Member Exclusive Privileges

Christmas Treasure Hunt*

H.COINS members simply scan the QR code at the participating merchants in different categories, and collect 3 different categories of stamps to get a pack of “Garden Chocolate finger”.

19th Nov 2022 to 2nd Jan 2023
12nn – 9pm
L2 Redemption Counter
*On a first come first served basis, while stocks last

# Participating Merchants (Names not listed in order)

Zeppelin Hot Dog
Ingrid Millet
Takumi Yarna
Emperor Cinemas
Twinkle Baker Décor
Premier Food
Her Own Words
Tristan Noodle Limited
Wai Yuen Tong
Sa Sa
Micro Planet

Garden Christmas Wreath Recycling Workshop *

DIY your unique Christmas wreath using disposed packaging materials from Garden to bring an environmentally friendly and special heartwarming Christmas for everyone.

19th Nov or while stock lasts
12nn – 9pm
26th Nov, 3rd ,10th, 17th Dec 2022
3pm – 4pm
L2 Redemption Counter
H.COINS members with a same-day e-spending of HK$600 or above (max 2 merchants’ electronic receipts), will be eligible to redeem 2 peers workshop quota once.
* On a first come first served basis, while stocks last

MOST-Christmas Stamp Collection for H
COINS Member to Redeem Garden Special Gift

1st Wave
2nd Wave
19th Nov – 4th Dec 2022
5th Dec 2022 – 2nd Jan 2023
L2 Redemption Counter
With a single electronic receipt of $250#, uploading via H.COINS mobile app or visiting the concierge on L3, registering a merchant printed receipt with an equivalent electronic transaction and earning COINS successfully, to get 1 designated electronic stamp. With 3 stamps to redeem:

  1. Garden adults & kids Blue & White checkered Apron set (50 sets)

  1. Christmas Snack Pack (450 sets)

With a single electronic receipt of $400#, uploading via H.COINS mobile app or visiting the customer service on L3, registering a merchant printed invoice with an equivalent electronic transaction and earning Coins successfully, to get 1 designated electronic stamp. With 3 stamps to redeem:

  1. Garden Toaster (100 sets)

2. Garden Mini Oven (100 sets)


  1. Garden Adults & kids Blue & White checkered Apron set + Garden Ceramic Plate (150 sets)

  1. Garden Ceramic Plate + Christmas Snack Pack set (90 sets)
#Each valid set of printed invoice and electronic receipt are maximum of 2 e-stamp sets

*On a first come first served basis, while stocks last
#MOSTown #Garden #ChristmasFunCity

ABOUT “MOSTown MOST-Fun Christmas City“:

19th Nov 2022 to 2nd Jan 2023
12nn – 9pm

For High-res photos, please download:

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MOSTown Garden Time Travel Exhibition

Over 100 exhibits to show the history of Bakery in HK

  1. 1st Lift Bread Packaging (First Time to Exhibit)
The first generation of Garden Lift Bread was launched in 1960s. This is the packaging design. The product was the first to add vitamins and minerals, and features blue and white checkered wax paper packaging to keep bread fresh and hygienic. Today, the checkered of Life Bread is still iconic of the Garden.
  1. 4 types of Garden Delivery Trucks (First Time to Exhibit)
In 2001, in order to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Garden, a special edition of previous Garden truck models was launched with total of 4 models. The tailgate of each model car can be opened, and each truck has a unique certificate number, which is of great commemorative value. At that time, the redemption response was enthusiastic, and it was very popular among consumers and collectors.
  1. Super Star Ice Pop (First Time to Exhibit)
In 1979, Garden established an ice cream factory and launched a variety of ice cream products. The classic “Super Star” ice cream pop, with 3 layers of flavors and rainbow chocolate chips was very popular.
  1. Star Logo Biscuit Tins
Garden Biscuit tins from the 1930s to 1940s were modeled on the company’s vehicles. the star logo on the can was the Garton brand logo at that time. “BUY IT BAKED” was the advertising slogan emphasizing freshly baked bread and biscuit.
  1. Candy Can
In the 1950s to 1960s, Garden’s assorted candy were mainly aimed at children, with different themes and patterns, including small round cans in the shape of a post box, and others with beach laughter, ocean, flowers, etc.
  1. Tin Mooncake
Garden started producing mooncakes in the 1950s. It was also the first in Hong Kong to use tins as the packaging for mooncakes. The theme of the packaging design was “Beautiful Flowers and the Full Moon” to express the good reunion of people.

  1. Mooncake Club
In 1959, Garden offered customers a monthly installment payment with a discount for the “Mooncake Club”, as not everyone could afford the one-off expenditure at that time. The moon cakes were handmade with limited production.
  1. Poster
A variety of promotional posters from 1960s, including life bread, Chinese New Year candies, pop pan, gala crackers, etc. Each poster is full of features with slogan and product.

For High-res Photo, please download︰

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ANOUT Garden

Founded in 1926, Garden has been dedicated to offering happiness into everyone’s life through a bakery for the past 90 years. Today, we are still persisting with our paramount values in quality, innovation, and advancement. Garden is currently one of the largest and most advanced bakery food companies in Hong Kong. It has already reached the international level in terms of production technology, quality, output, and market development.


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