HONG KONG SAR – African Media Agency – 21 February 2024 – N-Soft’s disruptive governance technology is revolutionizing revenue mobilization and improving business environments. The company’s Gambling Management System (GMS) empowers governments to better oversee the gambling sector specifically. By seamlessly extracting, processing, and certifying vital data such as player registrations, game results, and prize distributions, GMS provides an exhaustive overview of all gambling activities. N-Soft stands out for its quick 13-week setup, quick time-to-value, thorough training sessions for on-site teams, and commitment to data security through local storage.

N-Soft Empowers Digital Sovereignty Using Economic Intelligence in New Partnership

Recently, N-Soft signed a contract with the government of Burundi, a nation of over 13 million people with a 4.0% growth rate, to deploy its groundbreaking GMS solution. This strategic initiative marks a significant collaboration between N-Soft, the Ministry of Finance, and the Ministry of Commerce in Burundi. The implementation will empower the Loterie Nationale du Burundi (LONA) as the principal user, which oversees eight existing gambling providers within the country, and the project will unfold in two phases. Initially, it will focus on lotteries, online platforms, sports betting, and horse racing, followed by an expansion into casino operations, encompassing slot machines.

Reflecting on this transformative moment, Léa NGABIRE, the General Director of LONA, stated, “The implementation of N-Soft’s technological governance solutions to oversee the gambling sector in Burundi is a key step in our revenue mobilization strategy and in the restoration of our digital sovereignty. We are confident that we can now achieve our objectives.” This endorsement from a top official highlights the critical role of N-Soft’s intervention in setting new standards for healthy governance practices within the country.

N-Soft, which is used in Sierra Leone and a host of other nations across the world, also provides valuable economic intelligence to governments, which fosters transparent business environments and informed policymaking. This, in turn, attracts foreign investment and contributes to sustainable growth.

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About N-Soft

Established in 1986, N-Soft’s governance technology empowers national authorities to acquire economic intelligence, foster transparent business environments, and mobilize more domestic revenue from various economic sectors. Currently operating in the DRC, Sierra Leone, and Mozambique among others, N-Soft is the premier revenue mobilization provider worldwide.

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