SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 31 January 2024 – Picasso Hair Studio, a hair salon in Singapore renowned for its expertise in perming and colouring, proudly announces the launch of Picasso Hair Academie, a comprehensive online platform designed to empower and educate aspiring hairstylists worldwide. This initiative aims to provide top-notch training to individuals passionate about the art of hairdressing, enabling them to refine their skills and embark on a rewarding career, regardless of their geographical location.

Picasso Hair Studio Expands Global Reach with the Launch of Its Online Hair Academy
Hairstylist teaching precision haircut to students

Mastering the Art of Various Hairstyles and Colouring On The Go

The Picasso Hair Academie offers meticulously crafted courses that range from fundamental foundation techniques to advanced skills, ensuring students are well prepared before delving into specialised courses focusing on perm design. These modules cover a spectrum of styles, ranging from classic styles like Korean wave perm and volume perm to contemporary trends such as subtle waves. To better aid up-and-coming stylists in understanding concepts and techniques, each module within the course is designed to be concise and straightforward, with the content spanning approximately 20 to 40 minutes. The modules are thoughtfully divided into many episodes, each lasting less than 5 minutes to ensure an easily digestible and convenient learning experience for our stylists, allowing them to engage with the content effortlessly, even when on the go.

These online courses are tailored for stylists seeking convenient and flexible learning opportunities. As there are no formal assessments or graduation ceremonies, stylists can enhance their skills at their own pace without the need for physical attendance. The bite-sized online perm classes, each comprising easy-to-digest episodes, also serve as a convenient preview for stylists considering participation in their offline workshops. Additionally, this online format enables the team to extend their reach to stylists beyond Singapore, providing a valuable resource for skill enhancement and professional growth.

Picasso Hair Academie’s Structured Training System and Vision for Excellence

Leading Picasso Hair Academie is Jesly Teoh, the Principal Trainer and Founder of Picasso Hair Studio. With a wealth of experience as the former Manager and Trainer of 1939 Academy, Jesly is a seasoned professional in the hairdressing industry. Her structured training programme has successfully groomed numerous assistants into accomplished hair stylists. Jesly’s analytical and systematic approach, coupled with her artistic flair and passion for teaching, has led to the creation of a team of trainers dedicated to continuing her legacy. Assisting Jesly Teoh are three highly experienced trainers specialising in both perms and creative colouring. Together, they bring in-depth wisdom and practical expertise to the online academy, ensuring students receive in-depth training in every aspect of hairstyling.

Thanks to Picasso’s refined in-house training system that facilitates their employees’ progress within a short timeframe, the brand graciously extends its wealth of knowledge to a wider audience through its online modules. Drawing upon years of invaluable experience, Picasso Hair Academie caters to ambitious stylists and assistants eager to enhance their skills during leisure, providing access to priceless expertise and refined technical skill sets.

“At Picasso Hair Studio, our accelerated in-house training system showcases our commitment to fostering talent. Our accumulated wealth of knowledge is now accessible globally through Picasso Hair Academie’s online modules, offering ambitious stylists and assistants refined skills and expertise.” – said the Founder of Picasso Hair Studio.
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About Picasso Hair Studio

Picasso Hair Studio, established in 2014, is a leading hairstyling studio in Singapore with a commitment to excellence and innovation. With a team of experienced hair designers trained to recognise face shapes and skin tones, the salon provides personalised recommendations for clients. Renowned for its expertise in perming and colouring, with over 2000 transformations, the salon has also earned globally recognised awards such as the Daily Vanity Beauty Treatment Awards 2023 Readers’ Choice for Digital/Cold Perm and Editor’s Choice for Coloring/Highlighting. The launch of the Picasso Hair Academie represents the salon’s commitment to nurturing talent and sharing the artistry of hairstyling on a global scale.


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