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Acknowledge the problem of inadequate per capita public open spaces

  • The Institute is pleased to see the Government promoting sustainable innovation and growth while aiming to protect the natural ecosystems and provide citizens with a better quality of life. However, there is no mention of strengthening and implementation of various government policies related to climate change, biodiversity, ecological and landscape in the budget proposal. The Institute advocates for Nature-Based Solutions to address the challenges posed by climate change. These measures will help Hong Kong become a more resilient and appealing international city.
  • In response to the issue of insufficient public recreational spaces per capita, the Institute suggests to develop new and to enhance existing public open space in addressing the specific requirements for public recreational spaces in individual districts, we can enhance community and greening functions, ensuring widespread benefits for citizens. The Institute suggests also to explore public-private partnership in the management of public open space, that on one hand reduces government long term recurrent cost and on the other hand promote innovative design in our public realm. Adequate investment to our public open space promotes physical and mental well-being, ultimately leading to long-term reductions in healthcare and social welfare expenses.

Organising large-scale exhibitions to link up the development of the landscape industry with socio-economic development

  • The Institute is pleased to see the Government actively preparing for over 80 different themed events to enhance urban competitiveness and attract talent and visitors. Additionally, we have successfully secured the right to host the 2026 International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) World Congress, which we hope will contribute to the development of the industry and the economy. This event is supported by the Hong Kong Tourism Board, and the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture, representing the national landscape architecture profession, has committed to collaborate in the event. We hope that the relevant departments of the SAR Government will support the Institute to successfully host this rare international event, showcasing Hong Kong’s unique achievements in ecological civilization.
  • The Institute strongly supports the recent initiative proposed by the Secretary, “Innovation and Technology Empowerment, Industry Leads to Development.” We suggest that the HKSAR Government apply to the Ministry of Housing and Construction for the organization of the China International Garden and Flower Expo (CIGFE) in 2027-28. The theme, “Gardening Industry, Expo for the Future,” would involve constructing a nature-based green industry demonstration zone in alignment with the development direction of the northern metropolis. This initiative would leverage existing infrastructure in Sandy Ridge to optimize the natural environment in the eastern part of the northern metropolis and inject additional economic power.

Utilising the advantages of Hong Kong’s landscape architects to promote Hong Kong’s social development

  • The Institute acknowledges that the proactive development of various sectors by the Government plays a crucial role in Hong Kong’s economic progress. Compared to neighbouring regions, Hong Kong’s landscape architectural profession is well established and enjoys one of the most advanced recognitions in the regions. The Institute believes that, given the shortage of manpower in the construction industry, landscape architects should have equal opportunity to bid for lead consultancy or direct consultancy for projects primarily focused on public spaces or landscapes, adhering to the principle of specialization.
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Response to budget announcement 2024/2025 from Mr. Paul Chan, President of the Hong Kong Institute of Landscape Architects


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