SINGAPORE – Media OutReach Newswire – 14 March 2024 – Clinical studies and research conducted by Tangs Clinical TCM, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) clinic in Singapore, unveils innovative approaches to skin health. Patients suffering from chronic skin conditions, especially those caused by autoimmune disorders, now have hope in new treatment methods rooted in herbal medications.

Tangs Clinical TCM Unveils Innovative Traditional Chinese Medicine approach for curing skin diseases

Overview of TCM and its Evolution in Skin Health

TCM prioritises achieving balance from within to address various problems in the body. However, it was not the primary choice for resolving skin conditions, and there were limitations to what TCM could do in the past. During the process of developing alternative solutions for skin-related issues, practitioners in TCM found themselves challenged by the ineffectiveness of various medications. For example, the use of immunosuppressive medicines could temporarily alleviate symptoms, but they couldn’t get to the root of the problem. In fact, these interventions would go on to weaken the immune system without addressing underlying issues, leading to relapses and adverse effects after discontinuation.

TCM’s Breakthrough

In the 1970s, a military surgeon in the China army force, Dr. Tang, conducted clinical studies on autoimmune diseases and vasculitis, and discovered how our immune system works in maintaining skin health. He adopted an alternative medicine concept and administered an exclusive range of herbal compounds to treat these conditions instead of using conventional immunosuppressive therapies. The compounds facilitated a negative feedback loop to achieve a homeostasis state (an equilibrium in physiological processes) and treat autoimmune diseases safely.

Methodology and Research Findings

In a study conducted by Dr Tony Tang of Tangs Clinical TCM to assess the effectiveness of a herbal compound containing about 450 mg of extract (approximately 2,493 mg of raw herbs) in treating psoriasis, 11 out of 15 initial patients were cleared and achieved approximately 75% reduction in their psoriasis area and severity index (PASI). The medication consists of herbs such as ginger, which induces sweating to expel exo-pathogens (infections that stem from external elements); dansheng, which promotes blood circulation; Astragali, which invigorates energy (Qi) and induces diuresis to remove edema, and more. More information about this clinical research is available in the medical paper titled “Review of Treatment for Psoriasis Using, a Botanical Formula” published in The Journal of Dermatology Vol.32, No.12, December Issue 2005 (J Dermatol 32(12):940-945,2005).

Dr Tony Tang found that patients with a history of immunosuppressant use took longer to recover and the healing process was generally more unpredictable. This is because the results are greatly influenced by the dosage and strength of immunosuppressants prescribed previously. A retrospective observational study showed that the efficacy of TCM medications were inversely associated with prior immunosuppressant exposure. Non-immunosuppressant subjects could achieve complete clearance in 8 months, while those who were exposed to immunosuppressants experienced a more wavelike evolution of psoriatic lesions, where symptoms would come and go in different intensities before clearing.

In his clinical practice, Dr. Tang also applies his research findings to his patients. Tangs Clinical TCM possesses an extensive collection of patient case studies on their website, demonstrating the effectiveness of their treatments in addressing various skin conditions, from onset to recovery:

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About Tangs Clinical TCM

Tangs Clinical TCM is a phytopharmaceutical research centre that recognises the power herbs have in managing skin disorders without compromising the body’s vital immune system. Through research and clinical trials and studies, we have identified some very useful active plant compounds and formulated them into unique herbal products that will help the body reestablish homeostasis to address autoimmune skin disorders in a natural and safe way.


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