24th August 2018, we, at the World Assembly of Youth (WAY),
celebrate the 69th year anniversary of our founding as well as the
appreciation of the 69 years of determined journey and dedication in
serving youth worldwide.

History has it, founded in 1949, WAY has been well known as international
coordinating body of national youth councils and youth organisations,
working devotedly for the promotion of young people and youth
organisations in different programme areas such as youth employment,
environment, human rights, democracy, population, health, drugs, community
development and leadership training. WAY has a general consultative status
with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and works
together with several agencies of the United Nations including UNEP,

WAY currently has 140 members from all continents of the world. Having
such large network, it is now, even more, promising for WAY to realise its
aim of unlocking youth potential and tackling youth issues with
cooperation and support from all of its vigorous members.

In line with that, we have highlighted several relevant aims in assisting
the collection of information on the needs and problems of youth from all
around the world; promoting the interchange of ideas amongst them;
supporting in the development of youth activities; and encouraging full
and inclusive participation of young people in their countries’
developmental process. Sixty-eight years in continuously carrying out such
purposes, we, at WAY, promise to always bestow our fullest efforts for the
betterment of young people worldwide.

As our way forward approach, we have been coming out with strategies which
are and shall be implemented to be in line with our fourth Millennium Plan
of Actions that were specially designed to provide constructive
progression towards sustainable development of young people and the

As we celebrate our sixty-nine birthday, we wish for the endless support
from our members, volunteers, stakeholders, young people and the global
community at large. Let us work together, joining our hands, side-by-side,
in providing young people with the opportunities and platforms which not
only fully develop their potential but also flourish their characters and
inspirations. Our doors are always opened for young people as we work for
the promotion of youth and youth organisations in different programme


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