HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 9 February 2024 – In the face of rapid technological advancement and with the dedication to offer customers high-quality and speedy 24-hour loan services. Wealth Reach Finance Limited (二線財務公司) has introduced a cutting-edge integrated customer communication system that leverages artificial intelligence across major social communication platforms, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram. This initiative aims to improve the loan service and customer experience across various communication channels, allowing for enhanced marketing and sales automation. It also empowers frontline staff to address customer loan requests efficiently and with greater mobility.

Customer service specialists at Wealth Reach Finance Limited can access the company’s database via smartphones or computers, utilizing artificial intelligence to analyze customers’ previous loan service engagements. This technology facilitates quick responses to frequently asked questions and enables the system to offer additional recommendations or tailored loan services based on conversation history. This reduces the time required to search for and understand customers’ personal profiles, a significant advantage over traditional approaches used by other finance companies.

The integrated customer communication system supports multiple languages, meeting the needs of a global customer base. It is equipped with a powerful AI algorithm capable of translating, adjusting, or expanding content to ensure brand consistency, enhance the quality of customer service, and decrease the rate of customer complaints. An automated personalization feature addresses customers by name, creating personalized contact records and loan demand files.

Furthermore, the system’s complete personalization and automation capabilities streamline internal management processes at Wealth Reach Finance Limited. It consolidates customer inquiries and team responses for record-keeping, simplifies report generation, and facilitates the handover process. This enables new customer service specialists to become operational more quickly, maintains the quality of customer service, shortens the learning curve, and efficiently trains professional talent.

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Wealth Reach Finance Limited is committed to providing “quality” loan services to everyone in Hong Kong. The company is a vital financial support for individuals in urgent need of cash flow, offering flexible TU-free personal loan programs, homeowner loans, and comprehensive debt restructuring () and debt consolidation advice (). Wealth Reach Finance Limited is proud to hold a Qualified Money Lender License.

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