HONG KONG SAR – Media OutReach Newswire – 3 January 2024 – The Space Program, a globally recognized AI intelligent game, is about to unfold, bringing together innovative technology, boundless fun, and immense future potential. This platform, a colossal investment in creating a global AI intelligent game ecosystem, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with unique elements of artistic gaming, offering players an entirely new dimension of gaming experience. Powered by the AI artificial intelligence ChatGPT as its core engine, it liberates players from traditional game constraints, immersing them in a boundless cosmos to experience the thrilling excitement and endless joy of the game.

Space Program: The Innovator of Gaming

Developed by one of the most innovative game companies in Hong Kong, Yuan Yinli Corporation, established in 2023, is engaged in the entire game industry chain, supporting cross-platform game production and operation with its independently developed game engine and tools, providing support for various devices such as PC, consoles, and mobiles.

The mission of Yuan Yinli Corporation is to let everyone enjoy the pleasure of innovative games, and its vision is to create a borderless interactive entertainment experience. The Space Program is the concrete realization of this vision, leading with a development strategy focused on globalization, diversification, and innovation, committed to becoming a leading global game company, offering players more gaming choices and experiences.

Space Program: Story, Setting, and Core Gameplay

In the game story of “Space Program,” players take on the role of Jack, embarking on a dreamy journey inspired by Elon Musk’s Mars plan. In the interstellar warship, Jack faces the competition for mineral resources, with 100 million precious ores becoming a symbol of wealth. The adventure is filled with crises and challenges—harsh climates, biological attacks, unknown threats—requiring Jack’s courage and teamwork to navigate the unknown.

The core gameplay includes space exploration, ore economy, interstellar hegemony, and more, constructing an innovative and diverse gaming world. Players will explore between planets, mine mineral resources, participate in the Starship Entertainment City and Space AI Experience Cabin, experience space battles, complete missions and challenges, and engage in social cooperation and fun gaming. “Space Program” not only injects unique elements of artistic gaming, cleverly combining the virtual world with real life, achieving a gameplay concept of virtual and reality, but also enhances the collection value, marketing effect, and user loyalty. The intelligent game characters, intelligently generated levels, intelligently created plots, intelligently generated audio, intelligently optimized gameplay, and intelligently recommended content using AI artificial intelligence ChatGPT collectively construct an innovative and diverse gaming world.

Starship Entertainment City: An Infinitely Amusing Kingdom of Play

The Starship Entertainment City in space is a place for entertainment and relaxation on the interstellar warship. The player, as Jack, can participate in the city’s games to earn more ores. The entertainment city aggregates various entertainment games, including Space Royale, Space Race, Arena Challenge, Snake King, Space Babies, etc., bringing endless fun to Jack’s starship life and making the Space Program more rich and colorful.

Space AI Experience Cabin: High-Performance Artificial Intelligence Operating System

The Space AI Experience Cabin (SAIEC) on the interstellar warship is a one-stop, high-performance, user-friendly, secure, and scalable artificial intelligence operating system. Developed by Hong Kong Nebula AI Intelligence Co., Ltd., a company focused on AI intelligence research and application services, the Space AI Experience Cabin provides users with a complete AI solution, including data processing, model training, inference services, and AI applications.

Global Agent Recruitment: Building the Strongest Agent Team

As the global agent recruitment for the Space Program kicks off, a new climax in this digital adventure is about to unfold. Partnering with agents from around the world, the Space Program aims to offer players more gaming choices and experiences, creating a legendary journey through space.

To attract more agents, the Space Program provides rich agent benefits. With limited slots—only 1000 available—first come, first served, until filled. Whether you’re from Mainland China, Europe, the United States, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, or Indonesia, the Space Program welcomes your participation!

With its innovation, entertainment, and future potential, the Space Program is igniting the global gaming market. This is not just a digital game; it’s a digital journey. In this boundless space, you will be among the strongest, co-creating legends! Join us now, explore the endless digital universe, and embark on a surprising digital adventure.

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