From the outside The Grace Hotel is an excellent example of Neo-Gothic architecture reflecting the success of the Grace Brothers who built it in the 1920’s.  On the inside the contrasting Art Deco design makes for a space that guests can enjoy.  Loosely translated, this means from the outside the hotel looks great and would fit into a scene in “The Great Gatsby” movie, and the interior looks good and is functional with a hint of edginess that could see a fashion show taking place in the lobby.

The rooms and especially the bathrooms are modern, well take care of and in-line with what the modern traveller business or leisure have come to expect from a 4 ½ star hotel anywhere in one of the worlds capital cities.  It is no wonder that this hotel is both heritage listed and award winning.

Buildings are easy to get right, slightly harder to get right is service, as it’s where things can go wrong on any given day for any manner of reasons.  Having travelled across the world and stayed in some of the nicer hotels and resorts it’s easy to come to expect the highest level of service as a base line requirement.

This is one area that I can say the staff especially from the front desk and concierge nailed it, engaging and informative without going overboard trying to turn on the charm.  As I was travelling with my son who is just six years old I was happy that the staff quickly got us up to the room without much fuss.  The concierge had herd my son talking about the zoo and how he wanted to go, when we can down he had put aside a map with all the best ways to get there and passed my son a small koala which he kept with him the whole time, well done.

For those who love to shop this is the best hotel to stay in Sydney, it is located within walking distance of some of the most amazing shopping spots in the city.  At the top of that list is the Queen Victoria Building which is a beautiful building and has plenty of shopping, over 180 top fashion boutiques.

After spending the day shopping I would suggest that heading down to Darling Harbour which has plenty of trendy restaurants with a range of Asian and Western offerings, it’s a great spot to enjoy as the sun goes down.

So if you are travelling to Sydney for work or for some down time down under, I can recommend staying at The Grace Hotel, for more information visit

Reviewed by Somaya Ong, Editor of the Business Lifestyle Review



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