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Business is about making money, it takes a certain type of person to be a business leader and business people have a certain lifestyle that includes access to the best in life. ‘The work hard play hard’ approach leaves many looking for the rewards of hard work with a lifestyle that can only be afforded by successful people.

BUSINESS LIFESTYLE REVIEW BannerStarting from the beginning of January 2016, the Business Lifestyle Review will be hosted on the Malaysia Global Business Forum. The Business Lifestyle Review will have the following types of reviews:

Restaurant Reviews – Business Lunches and Dinners are important part of doing business in Malaysia. Malaysia is also known as a food haven offering food from across the globe. It is no wonder that people have trouble with their waste line in Malaysia, check out one of our the latest reviews
Resort & Hotel Reviews – Conference and Training venues, Business Travel, Weekend Retreats or a well needed longer break, are all covered in this section. Check out some of the iconic properties as well as the more affordable options for companies looking to save some money.
Golf Reviews – Some of the great golf courses in Asia are in Malaysia, knowing where to play is an important part of doing business in Malaysia, the mere suggestion of the wrong course is enough to ruin a business relationship. Check out some of the best courses in the country.
Car Reviews – Cars say so much about a business person, finding the right car not only sends an important message but adds to a person’s self-esteem. Check out some of the cool cars that are on the market.
Airline Reviews – Travelling around the region and around the world, depending on who you ask is one of the perks of being a business person. Business people need to keep up-to-date with the latest in travel. Check out some of the interesting content

The Business Lifestyle Review is designed to high brands and products to the high net-worth business community in Malaysia and further afield in ASEAN. For the communications professionals who want to develop a relationship with these important decision makers, contact our team today to arrange a review.



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