Hong Kong, 27 August 2018 – Dream Cruises’ “Ageless Dreamers” Program, the first enrichment series at sea tailored for mature cruisers who wish to thrive in their golden years, has been well received by guests since its launch on World Dream in May 2018.  In response to the overwhelming market demand, the program will be extended to Genting Dream, the brand’s first megaship which currently homeports in Singapore.


In addition to the well-loved signature activities of Ageless Dreamers program, starting from September, guests will have the privilege to enjoy the first-ever Cantonese Opera at Sea, where a host of Cantonese Opera A-listers will bring their hallmark performances from shore to sea for the very first time; Miss June Dally-Watkins, the Queen of Etiquette, will also make her cruise debut aboard Genting Dream, where she will divulge the secrets to grace and elegance that she also shared with Hollywood celebrities, royal families and the likes.


A Spectacular Line-Up of Cantonese Opera Heavyweights

Cantonese Opera is a performance art celebrating Chinese legends that integrates music, literature, martial arts, dance and juggling. It is an iconic art form that reflects the traditions of Chinese aesthetics and embodies the rich heritage of Chinese arts. Different vernacular cultures have given birth to over 300 sub-genres, and despite war, uprisings and changes of the modern age, many of these sub-genres continue to exist. In 2009, Cantonese opera was officially inscribed onto UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.


On designated sailings from Sept 23 to November 11, Ageless Dreamers will have the privilege to indulge in a spectacular feast for the senses, featuring hallmark performances of Cantonese Opera classics such as Di Nü Hua (帝女花), Swallows Fly Apart (分飛燕) and Love and Passion (萬水千山總是情) by some of the most recognized Cantonese Opera artists from Guangdong province.


Devoted fans will enjoy an exceptional sneak peek into the lives of their favourite celebrity artists, who will share inspirational stories about their professional careers and personal hobbies. Those who wish to step into the shoes of a Cantonese Opera artist will have the chance to don traditional costumes and belt a tune or two, under the guidance of professionals. Guests will also have the opportunity to share their love for Cantonese opera with family members through interactive activities, such as mask decoration workshops and photo sessions with traditional headgear, makeup and costumes.


Embroidery at Sea: Preservation and Appreciation of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity

The creative art of Chinese embroidery involves the use of needles, thread and yarn to decorate fabric or other materials. In particular, Chao Xiu, which literally translates as “Embroidery of the Teochew people”, dates back to the early 20th century; in 2006, Chao Xiu has been officially listed as an intangible cultural heritage of China. Master Chuk Shu-Qin, one of the important successors of this traditional form of art, will bring her expertise and over 40 years of professional experience to World Dream, where she will teach guests the basics of this ancient craft.


East-meets-West Approach to Wellness and Health


The widely-acclaimed Tai Chi and Shaolin Wushu Academies at Sea will be back from September onwards. Founded by Grandmaster Wang, who also coached e-Commerce tycoon Jack Ma and curated the “Tai Chi Wellness 8” regime for the staff of Alibaba Group, Wang Xian Institute of Researching The Arts of Tai Chi will continue their partnership with Dream Cruises to host the Tai Chi Academy at Sea on every 5-night cruise of World Dream, while professional instructors from Hong Kong Tai Chi Master will conduct a series of Tai-chi classes for all 2-night (2N) cruises.


Ageless Dreamers on Genting Dream will enjoy complimentary Tai Chi lessons from three masters in every cruise from October 1 to November 16. Led by Tai Chi Master Yang Xiaolin from China, who is a Tai Chi Coach certified by the Singapore Wushu Dragon and Lion Dance Federation, as well as a member of National Registry of Coaches. Master Yang has participated in countless competitions and her teaching focuses on health and wellness; she will be joined by Tai Chi Master Wendy Yum, who has been teaching in Singapore SoKa Association since 2001, and Teck Ghee C.S.C since 2005. Master Yum has also participated in competitions held in Indonesia and Beijing. Experience a calm and relaxing Tai Chi session with Jasmine Loy, who had been training in martial arts since the age of 4. Together, guests will learn how to maintain a healthy and balanced body through a series of slow, flowing movements.


Shaolin Master Zou, one of the most respected masters of Shaolin Wushu, hails from the prestigious Shaolin Culture Professional School in Zhengzhou and is widely recognized as the Champion of “Double Whip” and traditional fist forms in major Shaolin Wushu championships. Master Zou will host the Shaolin Wushu Academy at Sea on select sailings of World Dream in September and October, where guests will learn Shaolin Wushu basics such as Shaolin BaduanjinFive Steps Boxing andShaolin Yi Jin Jing.

Holistic Wellness Guru Teressa Siu will share her secrets to Ageless Happiness in a series of talks, covering the steps to achieve Ageless Happiness: starting with simple exercises of sounds and breathing to achieve maximum positivity, which benefits both the mind and body; followed by pointers on creating a thriving lifestyle with superfoods and brain-boosting habits, as well as tips on the “rainbow diet” and eco-friendly skin foods for feeling fabulous from inside out.


Graceful and Sexy at Any Age

Guests who will sail on designated sailings of Genting Dream in October will have the chance to learn from The Queen of Etiquette: Miss June Dally-Watkins, the icon of etiquette training who has groomed over 400,000 students and counting, including Hollywood megastar Nicole Kidman, Crown Princess of Denmark Mary Donaldson, supermodel Miranda Kerr, the Australian presidential families and more. At 91 years old, June Dally-Watkins will put anyone’s manners to the test. She opened Australia’s first school of personal and professional development with 68 successful years in the business.


Nadine Tengco, who is known as the “Level-Up Guru,” will share quick and healthy weight-loss hacks with guests of Genting Dream to prepare for milestone events, such as weddings and celebrations, in as short as just 5 days’ time.  Nadine has a robust track record as a top food coach and health chef who co-authored the Century Superbod Abs Plan and the Superbod Abs Diet, which helped transform many healthy bodies around the world, including a mix of the Philippines’ who’s who and top celebrities. At 51 years old, Nadine still slays in a bikini, and is the embodiment of her new book, “Sexy at Any Age,” released in summer 2017.


Exclusive privileges for Ageless Dreamers

Throughout the promotion period, Ageless Dreamers will enjoy exclusive on-board privileges, ranging from retail discounts to complimentary souvenirs; early-risers will enjoy Walkathon Wonder, where they will start the day with a refreshing walk on the open deck, followed by cool-down at Crystal Life Spa, with complimentary refreshments and a health talk.  To encourage adaptation of the walking lifestyle, all walkathon participants will receive a complimentary pedometer to keep track of their progress.

Ageless Dreamers Program Overview

Vessel Program Departure Dates
World Dream Cantonese Opera at Sea Sept 23, Oct 7 & Nov 11
Embroidery at Sea 101 Nov 18
Tai Chi Academy at Sea From Sept 2 onwards
Discovery of Martial Arts – Shaolin Wushu Sept 2 & Oct 14
Wellness Talks by Teressa Siu Sept 8, Oct 21 & Nov 4
Genting Dream Tai Chi Academy at Sea Oct 1 & Nov 15
The Queen of Etiquette: Miss June Dally-Watkins Oct 7, 12 & 14
Sexy at Any Age Oct 28



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