Dance Through My Heart: The Fusion of Latin Rhythms and Asian Inspiration

Malaysian singer-songwriter Timur Flores captivates with new single. 

Budding singer-songwriter Timur Flores with a Swiss Sarawakian heritage, unveils her captivating new single release, “Dance Through My Heart.”. Her first new single release after her debut tetralogy album is an innovative and […]

Dance Through My Heart: The Fusion of Latin Rhythms and Asian Inspiration2023-12-13T23:33:22+08:00

Crisis Communications – Strategies & Response

Imagine waking up this morning, there is 10 missed calls on your phone and countless SMS’s and WhatsApps from your boss and members of the media asking about the crisis that just hit your organisation, What will you do? how well have your prepared and what tools do you have […]

Crisis Communications – Strategies & Response2017-08-16T14:10:31+08:00

Top Thai Brands 2018 Showcases Best of Thai Creativity

KUALA LUMPUR – This coming August, leading Thai brands will take centre stage at the aptly named “Top Thai Brands 2018” event. The four-day extravaganza will feature the most fascinating Thai products and services, alongside an interesting mix […]

Top Thai Brands 2018 Showcases Best of Thai Creativity2018-08-03T18:22:13+08:00

Muslim Pro sign MoU with Project Amal

Muslim Pro, which is currently the world’s number #1 Muslim Lifestyle App has expanded its operations to Malaysia. The set-up of Muslim Pro Malaysia is a natural move for the company as Malaysia is currently a Top 5 market for […]

Muslim Pro sign MoU with Project Amal2018-06-02T18:09:51+08:00

Economic benefits of MAFTA still strong but Slowing

Action needed to get back on track says Connect Malaysia’s Joe Perri

Monday November 6, 2017.  The post implementation economic benefits and fundamentals that underpinned the Malaysia Australia Free Trade Agreement (MAFTA) that became effective January 2013 are still very strong and will continue […]

Economic benefits of MAFTA still strong but Slowing2017-11-09T09:25:13+08:00

B2B Turkey : Announcement & Delegation Listing

The Bilkent CYBERPARK and ODTU Teknokent will lead a commercial delegation of approximately 20 leading ICT and Defense Technology Companies to Malaysia together with the organization of ICT Group Turkey, the event will take place at Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur.


B2B Turkey : Announcement & Delegation Listing2016-09-01T13:44:06+08:00

Award Winning Restaurant – Minori

Award Winning Restaurant – Minori a Beautiful Harvest

Business Lunches are an important part of doing business in Malaysia. Finding the right place to entertain potential clients is always an important decision. Minori restaurant is strategically located in The Royale Chulan Damansara which makes it an excellent location for […]

Award Winning Restaurant – Minori2016-07-08T22:34:08+08:00

Al-Amar in Sunway Putra

Since 2008 the Al-Amar brand has become synonymous with traditional and authentic Lebanese Cuisine, Al-Amar Lebanese Cuisine has expanded beyond its’ flagship restaurant in Pavilion and Al-Amar Express in Fahrenheit, now with the latest addition in Sunway Putra Mall is bringing its unique 5-star dining experience out of […]

Al-Amar in Sunway Putra2016-02-18T20:19:15+08:00
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