The Bilkent CYBERPARK and ODTU Teknokent will lead a commercial delegation of approximately 20 leading ICT and Defense Technology Companies to Malaysia together with the organization of ICT Group Turkey, the event will take place at Seri Pacific Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

MGBF Turkey Company Profiles downloadThe objectives of this event is to:

  • To increase cooperation between Malaysian and Turkish companies
  • To investigate tech transfer opportunities
  • To strengthen the commercial relations between 2 countries “Malaysia Turkey Business Forum” is planned to be a B2B meeting event focusing on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Defence industries.

“We are aiming to create the profiles of the participant ICT and defence companies from Turkey, match them with the companies of Malaysia in the related fields and bring them together on 17th and 18th of August 2016. The delegation will comprise of approximately 50 people from the ICT and Defence Technology companies from Turkey, the matched companies from Malaysia, representatives of all relevant government departments and industry associations- are predicted to attend the event. The commercial committee will be led by Turkey Republic Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Deputy Undersecretary Galip Zerey”.

Opening Ceremony On the first day of the meeting, there will an opening ceremony in the morning, which will be held from 9:30am to 11:00am.  The opening speeches are planned to be made by Turkey Republic Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Deputy Undersecretary Galip Zerey and Ambassador Ms. Başak Türkoğlu. Invited Malaysian speakers include Dato’ Jalilah Baba, President of MICCI – Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and Industry Dato’ and a senior level representative from MDeC.

Business Matching On the Afternoon session the B2B Forum will start between the matched companies and the leading Turkish Technology Companies. The second day will be a full day of business matching.  The last day is currently reserved for companies to conduct one-on-one meetings and site visits.

Confirmed Companies



CBKSOFT was founded in 2004 in Ankara and has been developing Document & Workflow Management Systems since 2006. CBKSOFT’s Document & Workflow Management product “enVision” has an extensive usage in public and private sectors. enVision has been used by more that 300 clients and more than 400.000 end users. InfoFort Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of Aramex PJSC, has acquired a 51% stake in CBKSoft Software Inc in 2015. Both InfoFort and Aramex are based in the UAE. InfoFort is a provider of records and information management solution, while Aramex is a provider of logistics and transportation solutions. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: E-GOVERNMENT- Enterprise Content Management- Electronic Record Management- Document Management TARGET MARKETS FOR PRODUCTS: Various, the company is looking for partnerships in Malaysia – (I would like to arrange a meeting)



Dirisoft Bilgi ve İletişim Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti. We are a software R&D company established in 2006. Our main areas of expertise are web technologies, cloud computing and big data. We are awarded 3 times by the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) for our R&D projects. TAI(Turkish Aerospace Industries), OSTIM (Organized Industrial Region Directorship of Ankara) and TTGV(Technology Development Foundation of Turkey) are some of our customers. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: -dsOffice,  a rapid web application development platform working on cloud with big data and IoT support. dsOffice is a complex application platform with many ready-to use business modules. It includes a software development IDE, advanced javascript API, REST API, e-commerce library, document management library, graphical UI development editors etc (Free website builder build with dsOffice) TARGET MARKETS FOR PRODUCTS: Government Agencies, Small and Midsize companies, Internet Entrepreneurs, basically anybody who needs a fast and low-cost web application without giving up complex requirements and workflows that their business needs – (I would like to arrange a meeting)



INOSAS was formed in 2013 clients include leading universities, Middle East Technical University (METU), Ankara Social Sciences University. Government clients include Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the Council of Higher Education (CoHE / YÖK), Turkish Academy of Sciences (TÜBA) and The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK). Key private sector clients are ISNET (Istanbul), AVAYA (Global – Istanbul), Turkish Airlines (THY Teknik – Istanbul), Telemobil (TBI – Istanbul) PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Goo IT Management & Service Desk, Call Center Operation Management TARGET MARKETS FOR PRODUCTS: Banking & Finance, Insurance, Platform Providers, Call Center Service Providers, Energy Distribution, Telecommunication, Health, Government, E-Commerce, Universities – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

logo (1)


BILIŞIM SAN VE TIC. LTD. ŞTI is an independent Turkish firm, established in 1985 in Ankara, as a Software House and an IT Consulting Firm. The main strategic goal of Bilişim Ltd is to persist as a thriving industrial software house with its state-of-the-art multilingual application software products, and to maximize its revenues by raising sales volume via marketing and sales channels and reliable partnerships. The company genuine software solutions such as bilişimERP, bilişimBYS, bilişimHR, bilişimBI are being continually upgraded in new versions, to comply with changing conditions and technology. These software prod-ucts have been developed as R&D projects supported by TÜBİTAK, The Scientific and Technical Re-search Counsil of Turkey. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Business Intelligence System, Method Wizard – Lean Manufacturing Software. TARGET MARKETS FOR PRODUCTS: Human Resources Systems and ERP Systems effectively supporting decision-making processes with ad hoc query and dashboard support and wide variety of predefined content. (KPI’s, Dashboards, Reports, etc) – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

logo (3)


ICTERRA INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGIES is ICT solutions provider in local and global market. We offer a range of software, technology, IT services and consultancy on the basis of collaborative partnerships, innovation with its in-depth technology and domain expertise and know-how. ICterra, with headquarter in Ankara/ Turkey, now employees over than 150 highly specialized engineers, mainly software architects, developers, researchers, PMP certificated project managers. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Information And Communication, Software Solutions, Cyber Security. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Software Development and Test, Web and Mobile Applications, Communication and Collaboration Solutions, Software licensing and Cyber Security. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)



BAŞARSOFT BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİLERİ A.Ş was founded in 1997 and soon became a partner of Pitney Bowes dedicated to creating GIS solutions. Başarsoft develops infrastructure solutions for water, electricity, natural gas, telecom, cable TV. These seamlessly integrate with other systems based on Oracle, SQL Server, SAP, ATOS, IBM Maximo, Siemens, etc. Başarsoft’s proprietary navigable map database is helping vehicle tracking, logistics, location-based services and navigation systems in both public and private sectors. Başarsoft develops geosolutions for marketing, financial services and logistics. Başarsoft has been listed among the fastest growing companies since 2009. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: GIS Solutions, Navigation, Easy-To-Use Tools For İnfrastructure Strategically. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: GIS Solutions, Navigation, Easy-To-Use Tools For İnfrastructure Strategically and Direct Sales – Partnership. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

logo (5)STM SAVUNMA TEKNOLOJILERI MÜHENDISLIK VE TICARET A.Ş, since its foundation in 1991 upon a decision of the Defence Industry Executive Committee (SSİK), Savunma Teknolojileri ve Mühendislik A.Ş. (STM) has been providing solutions compliant with international standards in the areas of engineering, technology and consultancy. Its acquired knowledge and skills have allowed the company to take part in the development projects of indigenous military and civilian systems involving advanced technology applications in accordance with its vision of becoming a “respectable organization capable of international competition.” Besides conducting certification and quality studies, STM also provides engineering, consulting, acquisition, controller, maintenance, repair and operation services in project management, integration of information and communications systems, and logistic support. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Cyber Security, Big Data, Underwater Optical Communication, Radar through Wall, Vertical Wind Tunnel, Software Solution for Armed Forces and aircraft systems  & Airlines, Military, Defence, Aerospace and Technology Firms. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Consultancy Services, Command and Control Information Systems, Big Data, Cyber Security, Civilian Aviation Solutions (Co-Development, Cooperation the marketing for third countries, Technology Transfers) and Direct Sales – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

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HAVELSAN INC was founded in 1982 as a Turkish- American company under the name of HAVELSAN-AYDIN and began its operations in 1985 with 98 percent of its capital owned by the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation.  Active in the areas of software intensive systems, HAVELSAN has focused in the areas of Air Defense Systems, Naval Combat Systems, Simulation and Training Systems, Management Information Systems, Management of Energy and Homeland Security within the context of Command and Control Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems (C4ISR). PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Air Defense Systems, Naval Combat Systems, Simulation and Training Systems, Management Information Systems, Management of Energy and Homeland Security within the context of Command and Control Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Systems (C4ISR). – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

YolLogo-ColorADMONGREL DIJITAL YAYICILIK ANONIM STI is a software company who provides HbbTV technology and services for broadcasters and pay TV operators. Through HbbTV technology, AdMongrel enables interactive services on top of linear broadcast. Red Button services, Interactive Ad Platform, Interactive Quiz Platform, VoD portal, Enhanced Teletex Features and apps are available through our HbbTV services. Founded in 2014, 11 Employees. Reference: TRT (first HbbTV Project in Turkey), Digiturk, Fox Turkey. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Media and Telco. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Sales partner and clients. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)



OMEGA BIGDATA has been founded in 2008. We have a team of 16 employees. We’re working with 120 shopping malls in Turkey and 40 companies from different industry areas. Some of important our clients are Vodafone, Shell, Tuborg, Pepsıco, Reckıtt Benckıser, Real, Knauf, Novartıs, Arıston, Tesco, Ulker, Eczacıbası, Allıanz, Xerox, Vıessmann, Metro Propertıes, Jll, Securıtas, Abbott and Mapeı. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Shopping Mall Loyalty And Campaign Management, Sales Network Loyalty And Rewarding, Employee Incentive Programmes, Customer And End-User Retention Promotions and Mobile Coupon And Loyalty Systems. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: We would like to find partner companies that will cooperate with us for deploying our solutions in Malaysia. The partner company will make the customer meetings, prepare new sales opportunities and together we will make the deal and during the Malaysia visit, if possible we would like to meet with potential customers. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

Argela_logoARGELA A.Ş. is established in 2004, Argela operates with around 200 high-skilled and experienced personnel having 75% of the staff in R&D. 28 telecom operators in 19 countries testify that they are increasing their revenues, reducing their OPEX, CAPEX and churn using Argela’s solutions. Argela’s solutions portfolio includes Network Performance Monitoring and Subscriber Analytics, Handset Market Regulation solution, Small Cells for public and defense, and Signaling Applications. Argela is a member of Turk Telekom group, the leading communication and convergence technology group in Turkey. Argela is headquartered in Istanbul, Turkey and has offices in Ankara, Turkey and Silicon Valley (Sunnyvale, CA, USA). PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Network Performance Monitoring and Subscriber Analytics, Handset Market Regulation solution, Small Cells for public and defense, Signaling Applications. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Common Criteria Evaluation Services /  Direct Sales – Partnership. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

UntitledDARKBLUE TELECOMMUNICATION SYSTEMS CO is a technology company headquartered in METU Ankara, Turkey. Darkblue’s core business and expertise is within developing advanced systems and solutions for mobile technology, device management, internetof things and defence solutions.  In addition Darkblue undertakes research and development of advanced software and hardware systems and has developed and delivered high quality solutions and value across a number of sectors including Telecom operators, Educational Institutions, Emergency Services, Defence and Financial Institutions. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Internet of Things, Mobile Device Management, Telecommunication, Defence and Security. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Internet of Things, Mobile Device Management, Telecommunication, Defence and Security. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

Available via Skype

beam-logoBEAM TEKNOLOJI A.S is established in 2011 and become the first privately held Common Criteria Evaluation Facility under Turkish Scheme. BEAM Teknoloji is providing IT Security Evaluation Services to its clients in public, military and private sector. BEAM Teknoloji is looking for cooperation for product evaluation services under Malaysian Scheme (MyCC) and also looking for joint R&D projects in order to increase the capabilities of its evaluation center. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: IT Security, IOT, Mobile Applications. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Common Criteria Evaluation Services /  Direct Sales – Partnership. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

logo (2)TTG ULUSLARARASI TELEKOMUNIKASYON HIZMETLERI LTD.STI, a privately owned company established 2001, is the leading global provider of best-in-class proactive and customer oriented approach to Service Assurance as well as configurable OSS software solutions to the telecoms industry. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Mobile and fix network operators, MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission). TARGET MARKETS FOR PRODUCTS: Fixed line operators, Mobile operators and MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission). – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

CeTOa7yXEAAmCFFDuSoft Software Consultancy Education Ltd. Co was founded in 1999 with business in Energy, Defense, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Consultancy and Education the company has grown to a service several key clients in Turkey including; Ministry of Education, Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, The Scıentific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, MEDAS (Energy Distributor in 6 Citites in Turkey) and VESTEL A.S. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Energy, Defense, Education. TARGET MARKETS FOR PRODUCTS:Energy, Defense, Education – (I would like to arrange a meeting)



UDEA ELEKTRONIK, established in 1999 with a purpose of delivering services and products in the area of wireless communication (Radio Frequency) technologies to a worldwide customer portfolio. Our products include RF Receiver, Transmitter and Transceiver Modules working on ISM band, Active – Passive UHF RFID solutions and OEM-ODM professional wireless products specifically designed and manufactured for customers. UDEA, also is a manufacturer company for Apple devices (MFi Licenced/Approved). PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Wireless communication, Automation, RF Modules, RFID, OEM Products Video Surveillance Systems for Military Vehicles. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Electronic Design and Manufacturing / Direct Sales – Partnership – (I would like to arrange a meeting)


ALTI DYNAMICS was founded at May 2015 by two aerospace engineers. Alti Dynamics showed incredible performance in 6 months, increased its number of employee to 4 and supplied service to the most prestigious companies and institutions including TUBİTAK Space and METU. PRODUCTS & SECTOR OF INTEREST: UAVs, Composites, Manufacturing, Testing. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Electronics, Software Development, Communication and Direct Sales – Partnership. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)



BTT BİLGİ TEKNOLOJİ TASARIM LTD. STİ located in METU Technopolis in Ankara/Turkey,  was founded by experienced electronic and software engineers in 1999. Now BTT operates with over 40 employees, supplying over 18 countries with branches in London, Singapore and Dubai. BTT addresses the needs of governments and enterprises with intent-based solutions for fighting crime and terror, by anticipating, managing and mitigating safety. By this context, BTT has been serving to several Law Enforcement, Military and Security Agencies, Emergency Units and financial institutions with R&D based products. PRODUCTS (SERVICES) & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Sectors – (Police-Military-Intelligence Agencies), Security Branch-Anti corruption Agency, Prime Minister’s Office,  Military Intelligence- Police Intelligence. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: BTT is open to offer its expertise on telecommunications intelligence products. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)


MilSOFT Yazilim Teknolojileri A.S.

MilSOFT Yazilim Teknolojileri A.S. is a 100% Turkish & private company, which was established in 1998, specialized in System Integration and Software Development. MilSOFT has business presence and interest in defense industry and public sector. MilSOFT has more than 200 employees and it conducts operations in its own R&D center at METU Technopolis / Ankara, TeknoparkIstanbul / Istanbul and also in Washington-D.C area U.S.A. MilSOFT develops the products with its system and software engineering infrastructure to meet the customer satisfaction in a cost/schedule effective method. MilSOFT is the first company in Europe to achieve CMMI Level 5 (which is the highest level a company can achieve according to the CMMI methodology, that is very well accepted all around the world to evaluate the software companies). After the last assessment, completed on December 20th, 2013; MilSOFT was certified fourth time as CMMI-5. In addition to CMMI Level 5, MilSOFT has  NATO AQAP-160, NATO AQAP-2110, NATO AQAP-2210, TS-EN-ISO 27001:2013 and TS-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certificates. MilSOFT has Facility Security Clearances in the level of both “NATO Secret” and “National Secret”. PRODUCTS (SERVICES) & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Command Control Communications Computer and Information (C4I), Data Links and Messaging, Image Exploitation Systems, Electronic Warfare, Training & Simulation, Embedded Systems, IT Solutions and Cyber Security. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Direct sales and partnership. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)


NKR Software

NKR SOFTWARE focuses on Electronic Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cyber Attacks, Information Security and Cryptography, ERP, Windows, İOS, Solution Development on Android Mobile Technology Platform, E-government Technologies and Information Technology. PRODUCTS (SERVICES) & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Public Financial Management System – E-Government Technologies, Infofence – Information Security, Wad-e – Mobile and Web Solution Development. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: All alternatives are welcome. – (I would like to arrange a meeting)



TURKSAT is the sole communications satellite operator in Turkey to provide satellite communications services for voice, data, internet, TV, and radio broadcasting through its own satellites across a wide area extending from Europe to Asia, Middle East and Africa with its four satellites (Turksat 2A, Turksat 3A,Turksat 4A and Turksat 4B). With its cable infrastructure, Turksat A.S. offers cable broadcasting services for its domestic subscribers with 27 Provincial Directorates throughout Turkey. In addition, Turksat operates the Turkish e-Government Portal. Besides operating satellites and providing satellite capacity to its customers, Turksat A.S. offers VSAT services over satellites for audio, data, internet, e-health (e-medicine), e-education (tele-education), emergency communication, VPN and multimedia services to its customers , as well as future demands based on ongoing development and diversification of services.PRODUCTS (SERVICES) & SECTOR OF INTEREST: Ministries, Mobile Solutions (IOS, Windows, Android), Distributed Systems, Open Source Technologies, Satellite Communications. POSSIBLE AREAS FOR COOPERATION: Mobile Solutions (IOS, Windows, Android), Distributed Systems, Open Source Technologies, Electronic Document Systems And System Integration.  – (I would like to arrange a meeting)

Bilkent CYBERPARK is one of the first and pioneer technopark in Turkey. As of today, there are 220 high tech companies most of which are ICT. As a leading Technopark and Incubator of Turkey, we run a wide range of internalization programs and help the internationalization process of our R&D companies.Security Branch-Anti corruption Agency, Prime Minister’s Office,  Military Intelligence- Police Intelligence

CeTOa7yXEAAmCFFCYBERPARK ICT Cluster is supported by the Ministry of Economics in Turkey. Under this cluster, we are organizing common international activities for the member companies. Currently there are 26 member companies. For our recent activities, we are accepting participation requests from non-member companies to increase the effectiveness of events.

q5oSLXyj_400x400ODTU TEKNOKENT: Being the first and the most innovative technopark of Turkey, ODTU TEKNOKENT’s goal is to provide contemporary infrastructure and superstructure to the researchers and companies that develop and produce the technologies which will elevate the international competitiveness of the country. With its 320 tenant companies, 60% of which were initiated in its premises and employ more than 5000 personnel, 90% of which have bachelor, master of PhD degrees and with the 120.000 square meters of closed area reserved for R&D operations.

TSSK: ODTU Teknokent hosts approximately more than 100 defense industry companies doing R&D and has clustered them into Teknokent Defence Industry Cluster (TSSK) as of 2010. The cluster aims at providing added value to generate more synergy and cooperation among its members, with universities for applied research in defense sector, and with major contractors. T.ICT Approximately, %50 of all the companies located in ODTU TEKNOKENT currently serve the ICT sector and these companies are significant actors of the ICT sector both in national and international platforms. The mission of T.ICT is to bring companies of various scales and academicians together, and create a sustainable ecosystem where they can realize innovative R&D projects and achieve international recognition.

The Malaysia Global Business Forum is proud to be associated and assisting with this important event, to participate in the business matching please contact our team (I’m interested in joining the business matching or opening ceremony), Farra +6017 248 2919 / /

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