Uber reviews Asia business over bribery allegations in US


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LEO Pharma Ranks Second in Global Clinical Trials Transparency Audit

New top 50 list ranks LEO Pharma in second position, leading the global pharma industry in commitments to increase access to clinical trials information  The AllTrials audit on clinical trial transparency findings has been published ranking LEO Pharma as leaders in the industry. LEO Pharma is ranked at number two out of the 50 pharmaceutical companies evaluated. AllTrials is an international campaign that calls for

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Mahathir and Anwar for top posts in Pakatan Harapan, aim to topple Najib’s administration


UMIT – Private University for Health Sciences Medical Informatics and Technology: Results of a Collaborative Study at Campus Tyrol Argue in Favor of a Personalized Prostate Cancer Screening Approach

A simulation study published in BMC Public Health by researchers of the Tyrolean Health and Life Sciences University UMIT, the Oncotyrol center, the Medical University of Innsbruck and the University of Toronto highlights optimized use of prostate cancer screening. "Like most medical procedures also screening harbors benefits and risks. This gains increasing attention by the public," explains

2H2017 continues to be positive, but valuations getting expensive, says Pacific Mutual

In a statement today, Pacific Mutual Fund Bhd, an investment management company under the OCBC Group, with internal resources to manage both local and global investments for its clients, has commented that the second half of 2017 would continue to be positive, however valuations are getting rather expensive. Teh Chi-cheun, Chief Executive Officer & Executive

Rupert Murdoch’s £11.7 million quest to take full control of Sky just suffered a setback


C-Level Strategy Retreat

Where a Corporate Retreat is held is just as important as to the overall objectives of the retreat or workshop. So before we start work on the details, imagine what you could achieve if your next brainstorming session was in a 260 Million year old hot spring surrounded by limestone hills and virgin rainforest. The

Commentary – UK’s departure from the EU: Impact on Malaysian Business

The recent invocation of Article 50 by the United Kingdom which signals the start of process of the UK's departure from the European Union will have far reaching effects on economic and geopolitical realities faced by countries and business entreaties for the foreseeable future. While it is the democratic will of the majority of people

Finsbury Park terrorist was a ‘troubled man’ but was ‘not a racist’


Startup Lessons from Failed Startups

Over the past few years, there has been an increased interest in startups. Long gone are the days of traditional businesses, as the current generation is more exposed and well-informed. Nowadays, there is more of a social acceptance towards entrepreneurs and with the right set of skills and drive, startups can be successful. There are