Kuala Lumpur : In order to recognise Malaysia’s Entrepreneurs companies and individuals the SME & Entrepreneurship Business Award (SEBA) 2019 will be conduct by Yayasan Usahawan Malaysia or MyPreneurship.

“The leaders of global business take pride to receive recognition for their hard work and achievements. SEBA sees value in being considered among the best, “ said Nitesh Malani the Founder Yayasan Usahawan Malaysia or MyPreneurship.

SEBA has now grown to be a critical platform and a catalyst for entrepreneurs to develop together with their team members and to gratify like-minded entrepreneurs to attach and collaborate, said Nitesh in an interview with Malaysia Global Business Forum.

According to Nitesh, sport is a massive sector to discuss, it can be categorised into six categories which is wellness, spa, tourism, beauty, ecstatic, stem cells, urban retreat and detox retreat. Zooming into Asia, sports is the fastest growing industry, and countries like India and China conquered Southeast Asia market like 600 billion USD where else Malaysia managed to achieve only 0.01 %.

“For the past three, we did not focus on Sports industry, hence this year we are collaborating with MURFEST and proper getting on how this particular industry can tag along. “ said Nitesh.

He also had mentioned there are many potentials in this particular industry and the global wellness industry close about 1.6 trillion US dollar.

The founder has mention SEBA and Murfest encourages sports tourism like shopping tourism where they encourage tourist to shop in Malaysia.

Most of the entrepreneurs chase for victory but fails in health. Wellness is crucial for a better living . Besides that ,  entrepreneurs should be caring for their health while they’re more focused on business.

Reported by: Kogilavani Vijan


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