SHAH ALAM: A women should be two things, classy and fabulous. Shyleena Faridah Hope is a businesswoman which is involved in the fashion-show launched her very own brand ’perfume and fashion show’ on the 31st July 2019 at Ali Grand Hall Star Avenue.

Shyleena Farida Hope was crowned Mrs Asia Worldwide 2018 last April. Her family members were very supportive towards her, especially husband Bruce Hope, who encouraged her to believe in herself said, Shyleena during the launch.

For her time management it is very important as she juggles her time between her children and the business world .Mrs Faridah encourages every business woman to stay the same and to succeed in the business world they need an understanding of what we should do, realizing self-sufficiency, timeliness, ability to solve problems, understand issues quickly and efficiently analyse and make quick decisions. Therefore, a businesswoman needs to be diligent in thinking and acting as is also how she relates to the culture of a businesswoman.

Being a mother for two girls and managing business at the same time is not easy for me but I still mange my time with my family as a mother and a wife said the Mrs Asia Worlwide 2018.

She also encourages her daughters to follow her footstep in this fashion industry as h eldest daughter already being a designer for the kids wearing of her own collections. She also did mentioned, she is going to established kids wear and kids development program for fashion and she believe that this would encourage the children who wanted to develop their self in fashion industry.

They launched two types of fragrances for man and women, PARFUM D’HOPE and Parfum D’AILES at the launch and can get it through the website or Shyleena personally by setting appointment.

Reported by Kogilavani Vijan


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