It’s not just Zuckerberg — Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield is a big fan of universal basic income


Sarah Huckabee Sanders raised eyebrows with the claim that Trump has never ‘encouraged violence’


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CNN issues pithy one-word response to undercover video sting attempting to embarrass Van Jones


Homeland Security: ‘We expect implementation’ of Trump’s travel ban to begin Thursday


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CARNEY: Now is not the time to raise rates


Jared Kushner is reportedly weighing new legal representation as the Trump-Russia controversy escalates


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John McCain: Otto Warmbier was ‘murdered by the Kim Jong-Un regime’


CNN reporter lashes out at Sean Spicer for off-camera briefing: ‘He’s just kind of useless’


The US, Russia, and Iran are edging closer to an all-out clash in Syria


Trump responds to ‘tragic’ death of Otto Warmbier, condemns North Korean brutality