The ‘Five-Point Consensus’ on Myanmar reached at the ASEAN Summit on Saturday, is an encouraging step forward in ASEAN’s ongoing efforts to resolve the current crisis in Myanmar. The EU joins ASEAN in calling for an immediate cessation of violence and supports the commitments made at the ASEAN Summit to start a constructive dialogue involving all parties (including the CRPH/NUG) to seek a peaceful solution.

The appointment of an ASEAN envoy to facilitate mediation between the parties is an important commitment that requires that he or she will indeed be able to engage all parties in Myanmar.  ASEAN has also undertaken to provide much needed additional humanitarian assistance.

The European Union will also continue to call for the immediate release of all political prisoners.  We stand ready to support the dialogue with all key stakeholders who wish to resolve the situation in good faith, with a view to facilitating a swift reinstatement of power to the legitimate democratic institutions.


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