“Future Cities Initiative “

There are a myriad of challengers that face countries as they develop cities, especially in the light of the demographic time-booms of population growth and economic disparity.  Moving forward how will the cities of the future address the concerns of living standards, energy security, food security and physical security of its people?

These all effect how people live and work in a city and with people’s happiness linked to how productive they are as a worker then it is ultimately up to the stakeholders to develop cities of the future that are safe, happy and productive places which people are proud to live.

The Malaysia Global Business Forum has created the “Future Cities Initiative” to be a platform to allow the exchange of ideas, for businesses to meet the decision makers, and for networking to take place between those companies involved in building cities.

There will be two formats: The first format of this program will be Closed Door Meeting or Invitation Only quarterly meetings.  The second will be for Special Meetings or Special Purpose Delegations travel to Malaysia or from Malaysia.

Key Objectives

  1. Exchange of Ideas and to Learn from real world examples (City to City)
  2. To allow businesses to meet decision makers in Cities and local authorities (Business to City)
  3. Networking platform between industry players (Business to Business)

Key Focus Areas

  1. Challenges of Population
  2. Health & Sanitation
  3. Energy & Lighting
  4. Water Management
  5. Innovation – the cutting edge city
  6. Planning and Design

The Future Cities Initiative has been mooted by the Malaysia Global Business Forum to address the acute need to develop world class cities across the developing world

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