Crisis Management Centre recently shared industry experiences to communications students at Manipal International University (MIU).  The university, which has taken data analytics seriously with its inclusion in a dedicated data driven MBA, was a natural choice for the Crisis Management Centre who prides itself on the application of social media data in managing perception during a crisis.

Data Driven Crisis Management is widely seen as the cutting edge of the industry which has seen an increase in demand following major shifts in the political and business landscapes both in Malaysia and around the region.

“Data is a double edged sword, even the likes of Mark Zuckerberg have found this out in recent times, and following the “shock defeat” of Hillary Clinton in the US Presidential election the metaphorical witch hunt was underway, who were the data scientists and how did they get their information?  The list of questions goes on but one thing is for sure is that data gained by listening to what people think or want can no longer be ignored, during a crisis that data is just coming at a faster rate than a normal work day.” Stated Nordin Abdullah who recently established the Crisis Management Centre.

“In the past a crisis could be managed in isolation, you get your internal team together, good people that know what they are doing their fields and you roll out your crisis management plan for those who have one and for those who don’t you scramble to put together a few next steps and action points.  As a decision maker you will naturally want all the information possible.” continued Nordin who is also an EXCO member of the Malaysia Australia Business Council.

Now with the element of social pressure, “enter the armchair expert who has a few thousand followers on twitter or Instagram and they commented on your crisis or even worse they are the person who broke the story by broadcasting it on Facebook Live.  At the same time the algorithms that Google or Facebook use start to see this topic as something interesting so by the end of the day everyone including the authorities know what’s going on, human curiosity and desire to know what’s going on will mean your organisation needs to respond.” Continued Nordin who is also an EXCO member of the Malaysia Australia Business Council.

“We are pleased to have high-level industry experts share their time with our students. The Manipal Education Group has been responsible for producing some of the brightest minds in Asia for the past 60 years. The Group has a network of six campuses and affiliations with 30 universities worldwide.  Building on the success of the Melaka Manipal Medical College in Malaysia, Manipal International University (MIU), is a full-fledged Malaysian university offering multidisciplinary programs with a focus in the fields of Science, Engineering, Business and Mass Communication,” stated Mr. Bharath Vasudevan, Principal Officer – Operations, Manipal Education Malaysia.

The two hour interactive session was attended by over 60 students and faculty members at Manipal International University.  Harvestmedia director YenLoong Chau also spoke during the session on the importance of data insights during a crisis which included closing remarks from Prof. Dr. Seena Biju the Associate Dean School of Management Studies.

The Crisis Management Centre was established to empower governments, organisations and individuals better manage crisis.  The Founder and managing director Nordin Abdullah established the Crisis Management Centre as a natural step after being involved in numerous crisis and natural disasters in Malaysia and the broader ASEAN and Asian region.  A core team that leverages off a network of experts across the Asia Pacific that can be called into action to handle your crisis.

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