On June 5th, Mother Earth celebrated her 46th World Environment Day. As a member of the global village, LKK Health Products Group (LKK HPG ) enthusiastically responded to the call and made its contribution to the environment.

Lead children to protect the environment
Children playing the "music of the ark" with LKK Health Product Group volunteers.

Children playing the “music of the ark” with LKK Health Product Group volunteers.

On June 10th, the LKKHPG volunteer team organized an event, Green Transformer, to raise the awareness of environmental protection, in Noah’s Ark on Ma Wan Island in Hong Kong . Approximately 30 volunteers led 60 children from the local community to a fun and meaningful “green” tour.

They visited Nature Garden and Ark Garden, which combines nature, education and art to discover interesting facts about nature . “Apart from purifying the air, plants serve as food, medicine and ornament. Th eir fruits can even be made into instruments like hand bells,” the children explained excitedly while waving the hand bells. Volunteers also became nutritionists and experts on water by making healthy snacks and a magic “water” experiment with the children, as a way of teaching them to cherish the natural resources and lead a healthy life.

Experience the world of unprivileged and change the future

Most of us live a rich material life, but few realize that poverty is never far away. For six days from May 22 nd to 27 th , LKKHPG hosted three unique, lifelike experience games at its Infinitus Plaza in Hong Kong. It aims to let the busy Hongkongers to experience the pain of illiteracy, water pollution and child labor. The event also included the “Value of HKD 9 ” mini-game, which taught participants to realize that even forego a snack can change the lives of people in poverty.

This is the 5 th year that Infinitus Plaza has joined hands with World Vision Hong Kong , an international charity organization, to host the children ‘s caring and environmental protection event. This year, both parties expanded from sponsoring the venue  to host ing an experience event which attracted higher engagement from attendees. More than 400 people took part in the game and as a result, dozens of underprivileged children were sponsored.

After the event, World Vision Hong Kong presented a certificate of appreciation to Infinitus Plaza, in recognition of the contribution to underprivileged children, their family and the community.

Be a street cleaner and deliver a caring meal

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza hosts the children's awareness-raising event for the 5th consecutive year with World Vision Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Infinitus Plaza hosts the children’s awareness-raising event for the 5th consecutive year with World Vision Hong Kong.

People are familiar with street cleaners and sanitation workers, but few have experience of their job s . In late May,  over  50 volunteers from Infinitus ( China ) Company Ltd., a member of LKKHPG became street cleaners for a day. The y collected the rubbish, cleaned the streets and picked up trash on Linhe Street, Tianhe District, Guangzhou .

With the joint effort of the volunteers and the street cleaners, more than 50 carts of garbage were collected and over 100 unauthorized posters were removed. At the end of the event, volunteers served a meal and presented gifts to the street cleaners to appreciate th eir hard work. An “Infinitus volunteer association community service station” was also established and  to continue to  provide care to the community.

LKKHPG is dedicated to making life healthier and happier. Community care is one of the social responsibilities the group has always shouldered. Muhammad Yunus , Nobel Peace Prize winner ,  found the right words when he said: “Making money is happiness. Making other people happy is super happiness .” As long as every member in our society puts out  more positive energy in daily life, our global village will become more and more beautiful.

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