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US-based Employers More Attractive than Ever Before

Universum released their 10th annual WMAE ranking results from over 225,000 business and engineering/IT students from the world’s 12 largest economies. The WMAE rankings recognize the global organizations who have been most consistently identified as ideal potential employers across at least six of these top 12 markets.

WMAE 2018

The type of employer students want to work for

Business and engineering/IT students say they want to work in almost opposite industries, with the former predominantly focused on financial and professional services and the latter on software, aerospace, and manufacturing. But in practice, the majority of the World’s Most Attractive Employers on both sides of the aisle are FMCG firms, automotive employers, and banks.

2018 Business Rankings Top 5:
1. Google (Non-mover)
2. Goldman Sachs (Non-mover)
3. EY (Ernst & Young) (4th in 2017)
4. Deloitte (6th in 2017)
5. KPMG (9th in 2017)

2018 Engineering/IT rankings Top 5:
1. Google (Non-mover)
2. Microsoft (Non-mover)
3. Apple (Non-mover)
4. BMW Group (5th in 2017)
5. Intel (7th in 2017)

Key insights for Business and Engineering/IT Talent 

Among both business and tech talent, financial and professional services firms have seen the most significant ranking increases over the last five years, especially Goldman Sachs, EY, The Boston Consulting Group, and McKinsey. The employers in these industries are among the most associated with talents’ top preferences: high future earnings and professional training/development. After years of generally positive results, software, hardware, and electronics employers have this year seen some of the most significant declines since in both the business and engineering/IT rankings.

The balance of power has definitely shifted since 2009 when the WMAE ranking began. Back then European-based employers made up 52% of the WMAEs, but today US-based employers now dominate the top 50 for both Business and Engineering/IT, supplanting their European counterparts which now represent 42% of employers in this year’s ranking. In 2009 employers from APAC only represented 2% of the WMAEs, this year they represent a modest 6%, but the prediction is that the pace of this increase will quicken over the next decade.

Universum is an insight-driven research, consulting and activation firm specialized in employer branding. For more info & full rankings please visit:

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