Communications Workshop during International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Conference & General Assembly

“Cooperatives are often formed by likeminded individuals that want to develop a certain product or service, communication strategy and media plans are not often high on the agenda but in this era of communications cooperatives need to compete like any other organisation for space in the media.

“What we wanted to achieve was to ensure that co-operatives were not only able to deal with the challenges and issues faced in each country but to be able to communicate the cooperative message in a practical and useful manner.” Nordin Abdullah, who was born Matthew Gordon Williams is an Australian who has been working in Asia for over 25 years.  Nordin started his career working for several multinational media companies, as entrepreneur he has developed several publications, television and radio shows, online media brands and documentaries.

“A huge percentage of the population are involved in the co-operative movement, in Malaysia the number is over 15% in some European countries the percentage is well over 50% of the adult population, this means they have an in built advantage over many organisations, they have a community, which is a key component of modern communications strategy.”

Understanding the media and stakeholder management has allowed him to deliver for clients, including cooperatives, a full range of communications and public relations projects.

Nordin recently established the Crisis Management Centre to assist individuals, corporations and governments to manage all aspects of crisis. To prepare teams prior to a crisis, to support and guide leaders during a crisis and to contribute in the recovery post crisis through effective strategy development and planning, capacity building, stakeholder engagement and communications.

The half day workshop was attended by some 50 participants from 15 countries including, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Malaysia.  From the 14th to 19th of November, Malaysia witnessed the largest ever Co-operative event held in the county, the integrated program which includes the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) Global Conference and General Assembly which is expected to have 1,200 delegates representing co-operatives from around the global.  MACCOPS which is the largest co-operative trade show in the region will run from the15th to the 19th of November, 2017 all hosted at the Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

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