Malaysia has the opportunity to move to corporate funded sports model, allowing the government shift to investments into required infrastructure and land grants for sporting facilities.

As Malaysia moves to developed nation status it needs to develop a world class sporting culture that is both positive and sustainable.  In line with global best practice sports and the business community go hand in hand, eventually developing a thriving sports industry.

Recent social listening data provided by Harvestmedia suggests that several sporting community clusters exist on social media, together with recent search trends which regularly sees sports related searches above entertainment and politics, suggests that companies and brands are missing the boat when it comes to community engagement in various sports.

To address the gap “the Malaysia Global Business Forum will support the development of sports in two strategic ways; the development of premier clubs that are within a national structure and the strengthening of national sporting bodies which have a clear structure and a pathway for success players.” stated Nordin Abdullah who is the Founding Chairman of the Malaysia Global Business Forum.

News appeared in Berita Nasional RTM 16 May 2019


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