The Asia Agri-Tech Expo & Forum 2019 will take place at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 from October 31 to November 2. Organised by Informa Markets of Taiwan Office (UBM Taiwan), the tradeshow features innovative, eco-friendly and sustainable manufacturing products and technologies, which include plant health management, greenhouse facilities, seed and seedling, orchid flora, smart agriculture devices and software. Co-located with Livestock Taiwan and Aquaculture Taiwan Expo & Forum, the three-day grand tradeshow estimated to attract more than 15,000 effective buyers hailing from over 25 countries.

The rising awareness of food safety has triggered a rush for organic products and perked up the business opportunity of greenhouse farming. “Fast growth, fast delivery, fast to market and farming in all seasons are the strengths of indoor farming. These advantages rely on cross-industrial technologies which solve all kinds of solutions from food production, harvest, transportation to marketplace,” remarked Sabine Liu, General Manager of Informa Market in Taiwan Office.

She emphasized, “The future agriculture will continuously develop in tandem with cross-industrial technologies. In addition to increase the efficiency in using arable lands, water source and precision management, cross-industrial technologies potentially give more added value of agricultural products and exemplify environmental sustainability.”

The smart agriculture pavilion is one of the eye-catching spotlights at the tradeshow, in which indoor facilities and innovative devices will be introduced. To stabilise crop quantity and quality, indoor air monitor is an indispensable tool. One of Taiwanese exhibitors, Reachtec Aire, will showcase monitoring ventilation sensor (VS18) to help detect greenhouse carbon dioxide (CO2). VS18 sensor can work in an extremely humid surrounding and effectively monitor the changes of carbonic gas concentration in greenhouse.

Taiwan Hipoint, on the other hand, will present Phenotron In-Vivo Image Analyzer, the cutting-edge equipment with the function of environmental control. Focused on precision agriculture, species identification, and plant stress physiological response, the device is suitable for agricultural researchers and practitioners who intend to identify plant pathology and provide appropriate solutions accordingly.

Taiwan Agriculture Technology Pavilion will display some by-products developed by biotechnology, including deer bone concentrate, Beginosome seafood essence, nutrition bar, organic brown rice noodle, duck meat and amongst all. More than 55 conference sessions and livestock annual events will be launched onsite of the tradeshow. The 3rd edition of the Expo is expected to see 60% growth in matchmaking revenue compared to last year.

The last call for visitor online registration and buyer accommodation subsidy program are due by 14 Oct. For more visiting and conference information, please refer to the official website or contact Ms. Sophia Lu (TEL: +886-2-2738-3898; FAX: +886-2-2738-4886; Email:


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