Blue Prism®, a global leader in intelligent automation, today announced that the HKEX has won the APAC Pinnacle Award, the highest honor given by Blue Prism at its annual Customer Excellence Awards. The APAC Pinnacle Award recognizes the businesses that are most successfully using a digital workforce to redefine themselves and improve their market position.

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Blue Prism’s CEO and Chairman, Jason Kingdon, personally handpicked HKEX from over 200 customers across the Asia Pacific region, recognizing the firm for its spotless record in security and robustness and producing some of the most innovative automations ever seen.

HKEX has used intelligent automation as a true strategic enabler, rolling out the software in over 10 different business function areas traditionally characterized by high volume, repetitive and manual processes. The benefits of automating this work have included reducing manhours, accelerating processing, ensuring greater business continuity, and reducing errors. Combined, these translate into an overall better employee and customer experience in a more agile organization. Working together, the HKEX and Blue Prism teams have saved the business 3,500 hours per month (on average), equating to 42,000 hours annually.

“Digital transformation is an art that is pushed forward by technological breakthroughs and people – a powerful combination exemplified by HKEX,” said CEO & Chairman of Blue Prism, Jason Kingdon“HKEX is a true example of what it means to embrace the Blue Prism vision of a digital tomorrow and winning the Pinnacle Award is a testament to this. I’d like to congratulate HKEX on this achievement and am looking forward to seeing them achieve further success through automation.”

He Ding, General Manager of HKEX’s Mainland Technology Centre commented: “HKEX is pleased to be recognized for our dedication to modernizing our markets and operations. By rolling out RPA across more than ten different areas of our business, we have seen huge enhancements to our operational efficiency and productivity; and more importantly, we have also noticed a shift in our corporate culture to embrace new technologies and innovative ideas.”

Mike Cawsey, Senior Vice President and General Manager, APAC at Blue Prism, commented: “The way HKEX has used intelligent automation to differentiate itself in this competitive industry is remarkable. They make the business case for this technology very clear: streamlining and accelerating operational tasks lead to more nimble and agile workforces, which are then able to invest in new initiatives and do higher-value work. HKEX has demonstrated that if you can take care of people’s needs, show the benefits of this technology, and build up an automation agenda that the workforce believes in, everyone can achieve success.”

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Source: Blue Prism (Press release)


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