Entrepreneur Development Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Md Yusof deliver the keynote address at Malaysian Global Business Forum Roundtable: The Future of Rare Earth Industries in Malaysia

The Malaysia Global Business Forum’s (MGBF) Roundtable on Future of Rare Earth Industries in Malaysia is a great opportunity for everyone to get to know on rare earth industry in the country said Malaysia’s pioneering leader in the aerospace sector Naquib Mohd Nor.

Naquib who is president of the Malaysia Aerospace Industry Association (MAIA) said the roundtable held on Wednesday (July 10, 2019) also gave the more than 150 participants an insight on the potential of the rare earth industry.

Rare earth is an indispensable material for emerging technologies and the way technology is rapidly developing with the emergence of electric and air mobility vehicles it will become more important.

Malaysia currently only process rare earth but does not engage with the material itself thus the downstream activities on rare earth productions have a bright future.

Aerospace industry and MAIA handles companies which are already involved in rare earth so it is already part of our business, added Naguib who is also Managing Director of Strand Aerospace Malaysia Sdn Bhd in an interview after the roundtable discussion.

“We should look at it strategically as potentially it is already there but need more communication to improve the sector because there was a huge of misunderstanding about rare earth,” said Naquib who is also one of the panellist at the roundtable discussion.

Naquib also added that Malaysian should learn to manage this material particularly in manufacturing industry.

Report by Kogilavani Vijan


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