by Gunaprasath Bupalan (YouTube – Emjay Communications, The Malaysia Global Business Forum, News Hub Asia, Property360Digest)

The pundits said it, the analyst said it and the world echoed it, 2017 was the end of the worst of times for the property industry. One thing that they omitted was the timeline it would take the globe to heal, stand and run again.

With just hurdles and blocks in the path, the real estate industry (public & private sector alike) took some time to rebuild themselves. Despite the hit, Malaysia can be counted as the luckiest. Even in the eye of natural disaster, the Peninsula is protected by our neighbouring country and in this case, we never stopped our development projects.

Against the slow decline of the global economy, marred by economic & political disasters (try forgetting Brexit), the industry faced slowdown of projects completion but 2nd half of 2019 has been promising. Our visionary leader who instilled “Wawasan 2020” in 1991 in the 6th Malaysian Plan and cemented it forever in our mind is back at the helm and Industry 4.0 has created a new wave of strong talents with innovative ideas and products, enabling the property industry to bounce back faster than expected. However, we as forward-thinking sector are always about improvement and the REHDA Institute’s Housing Conference will examine and discuss some of these much-needed policies as well as industry issues with the hope for a better tomorrow.

The REHDA Institute’s Housing Conference continues to aim at providing a platform among the authorities, developers and service providers across the region to share and exchange knowledge and ideas on the identified issues and challenges faced by the industry through technology, financing and public policy.

At this conference, you would:

  1. Hear from the industry pundits and thought leaders on the 2020 industry outlook
  2. Gain insights into the policies that have set in place through the new 2020 budget
  3. Discover the latest Trends and Outlooks that will shape the industry
  4. Latest tech and innovation to aid and assist the market for better market dynamics
  5. Breaking the silos between finance and the public sector to understand how mutual cooperation can lead to shared

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