Crisis Management Centre

The Crisis Management Centre can help individuals, corporations and government with a wide range of services from pre-crisis training and risk management to mid-crisis management including the all important crisis communications.

Crisis Management Centre2019-05-03T16:27:03+08:00

A Working Lunch with Nordin Featuring Murugason Thangaratnam

As the business world gears up for the post-pandemic reality the question of cyber threats has moved front and centre as digital criminal elements have too moved with the times.


A Working Lunch with Nordin Featuring Murugason Thangaratnam2022-03-15T01:08:32+08:00

Crisis Communications – Strategies & Response

Imagine waking up this morning, there is 10 missed calls on your phone and countless SMS’s and WhatsApps from your boss and members of the media asking about the crisis that just hit your organisation, What will you do? how well have your prepared and what tools do you have […]

Crisis Communications – Strategies & Response2017-08-16T14:10:31+08:00
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