During a crisis there are many aspects that need to be addressed from stakeholder engagement to the legal aspects of what is happening to the organisation. A key aspect is perception both public and stakeholder perception of what is going on is imperative to manage.

We live in age of crisis. A crisis can hit at any time and because of the power of the modern digital media it can be a national or international story with in minutes or hours.  We need to be prepared and when need be we need to be able to act fast.

The Crisis Management Centre can help individuals, corporations and government with a wide range of services from pre-crisis training and risk management to mid-crisis management including the all important crisis communications. Post-crisis management has become increasingly important as it allows for stakeholders to put context on what happened allowing people to tell the full story in the light of day. 

“Each crisis is different, if you have a crisis contact us immediately”

Crisis communication, which covers both internal and external communications is designed to protect and defend an individual, company, or organization facing a public challenge to its reputation.
During a crisis the media, social media, the government regulators and even friends and family are all calling and sending messages via email and SMS, what you say and do will have a direct impact on how you and your organisation will be perceived during this crisis.  And after the dust has settled how will your name and your legacy be effected? 
Moving forward, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to join us for lunch as we dig into the issues that are affecting corporations and their leaders in the modern age of communications. When things go wrong what is your strategy and do you have a plan to deal with a sudden need for “Crisis Communications”. 

“Learning organisation know that training is the key to developing the right capacity for human capital but have you developed enough capacity to manage a crisis?”

The Crisis Management Centre was established by Glenreagh Sdn. Bhd. to assist governments, organisations and individuals better manage crisis.  The establishment of the centre was a natural step after being involved in numerous crisis and natural disasters in Malaysia and the broader Asian region.

There is always a need to up skill staff and management through training and engagement.  Your team needs to have the capacity to deal with a problem before it becomes a crisis. The Crisis Management Centre can assist your organisation, put in place measures that will reduce the damage during a crisis and develop strategies to come out the other side of the crisis stronger as an individual and as an organisation.

The lunch will have several speakers who will share their views on the challenges and solutions affecting corporations in Malaysia. The lunch setting will also allow you to network with industry professionals and share ideas on the future of business in Malaysia.


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